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    What would cause this

    MuddyBoots, You beat me to saying same thing. Need a control! Trying a primed virgin piece of brass would do it. I await what happens from the OP. I agree with JKB57 that a call to Christensen will be taxing on your patience. I got the run around with questions on one of their rifles too. At...
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    280ai vs 284 Winchester

    284 brass is available here: 284 Winchester - Rifle Brass - Metallic Reloading - Graf & Sons
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    280ai vs 284 Winchester

    Have owned rifles chambered in 284 Win since 1983. Have rebarreled the original SA Ruger several times. Had mag box lengthened to accept a loaded round with an OAL of 3.050". Own a custom reamer with a .317" neck requires a bit of neck turning. Throat is a 1 degree 30 min angle and is setup for...
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    Ruger Switch Barrel

    Not exactly what you are asking. I have a Ruger M77 with two barrels. Both are sporter weight tapered barrels. They can't come off without removing the stock from the barreled action. If you use a straight diameter barrel then you should be able to unscrew the barrel with action left in the...
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    30 Cal Mag for Hunting

    JCook. Also using a 300 RUM almost identical load, 230 berger 86 gr of H1000 and 24" barrel. Velocity is a bit lower than yours but the rifle is 8 1/2 lbs, short and handy for the kind of elk hunting I do in Az. Doesn't have a muzzle brake. The last elk, a 6 x 6, was mashed flat at 156 yds only...
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    Neck tension

    Watched the video and another video on the 21st Century sizer mandrels. Pondering some of the methods employed. Author used a standard FL die to shoulder bump and size neck to a smaller dimension. Then he use the mandrel of his choice to obtain neck tension. He showed that this method yielded...
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    Chamber Specs - Optimization

    Volumes have been written on these subjects. I will share what has worked for me. I strongly believe if you are making a custom rifle you should buy the reamer to suit your needs. It is a small part of the cost of getting it right. In a nutshell the SAMMI spec chamber dimensions are made...
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    Regarding the fact that the 284 and 300 WSM have different bolt faces....The OP said he wanted to EITHER use existing rifle or come up with a dedicated new one. As an owner of two 284 win chambered rifles I like the case design. It was way ahead of its time coming out in 1963 with all the...
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    Sticky/stuck Bolt Troubleshooting

    Read this thread: The PRC die "problem" | Long Range Hunting Forum This is an issue with a number of the thicker webbed cartridges. I have experienced it with the WSMs, RUMs, RCMs. The difference between the chamber dimension and sizer die's dimensions are not enough to allow for proper fit...
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    I would think the 300 WSM would be a better choice. Several brands of quality brass is available and it is shorter by .080" when compared to the 284 win case. No custom dies or reamer required. Load data is published and it will beat the 30-284's performance.
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    Cranking up the RPM

    Great write up Swamplord! Sure gets a wildcatter thinking. I remember reading about the 284 when it came out in 1963. There was a "flurry of activity necking it up and down" After it was all over the 25-284 and 6mm-284 were the favorites of the gunwriters. At that time the 6.5-284 was an oh...
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    Muzzleloader question

    I bedded and floated the barrel on my Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader. I originally worked up my loads with the ramrod out of the rifle. (I used the recommended Rem 250 gr sabot bullet with triple seven pellets) I put the ramrod in the rifle much later on and discovered that it changed the...
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    NEW Hornady Bore Driver

    Interesting approach. Thor Hammer bullets also have a hollow base but it is a one piece copper bullet with only a portion of the skirt engraving the rifling. Wondering if the Hornady base will come off in flight? All these designs are a revisit of the Minié bullet from Civil War era.
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    Thinking out loud........pulling factory ammo.

    Seeing you have several boxes of each type, why not shoot a few to see what ammo is accurate in your rifle? You could be pleasantly surprised. If any shoot well use them. Cannot see pulling them without trying them first. So you have a bit of a jump to lands, there are many chamberings that...
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    Caming press

    If your attempt is to take out the "slop" in the coarse 7/8" x 14 threads of die and square it up, you could cam with a parallel in between shell holder and die face Would think that would have the same effect yet leave you some space.