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Must be a great looking rack. However I must ask, does 25 yards REALLY qualify as long range to you with a bow? Was it traditional or sights? I won't go hunting unless I can put 6 arrows in a palm-sized group at 30 yards and when I practiced more I'd do that at 50. Traditional is another matter though...
Just curious how you qualify it as long range. Congrats on the buck though.
Congrats Bud! I have never shot anything worthy of being measured. But if we are going to throw the qualification of long range in there...I'll take the opportunity of posting a pic of my biggest ever and longest archery buck.

Long story short. Got a call the last day of the season 2002 by my inlaws. "Huge buck across the road in the briars." Somebody already hit it and it's just gonna die somewhere." Went over, stalked it, thick as heck, it spooked, I doubled back, saw it as it appeared in the only 3 foot opening in the vines/berry briars I could see. Drew set 50 yard pin on it slowly raised further saying to myself, that, is, one, hell, of, a, long, ways...and let it fly. I had figured someone had already indeed hit it as it was carrying its leg, never using the right front a bit. Turns out it was hit....a year or two earlier, with a car and the leg was just deformed.



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ATH: 25 yards is my self-imposed limit. I practice at least 9 months of the year with my bow, and get consistent 4" groups out to 25 yards. The area where I hunt usually doesn't offer longer bow shots, it's so thick. Here's a picture of the buck that is referenced in the P&Y certificate.

Man, beautiful animal. Congrats.

I've been lucky enuf to have taken 7 bull elk with both traditional and modern equipment, as well as backpacking many of the isolated CO mtns. in pursuit of big game. Never took anything big yet, but several of the hunts were BIG in experience, and hard-earned on the back.

My longest bow kill was 60+ yds. on a pr. dog. If any of you guys have ever shot pr. dogs with a bow-- you'll know what i mean when i say it's fun with a capital F.
Bud, that is a beautiful deer! It's a great trophy whether it's 1 foot with a knife, 25 yards with a bow, 1000 yards with a 338, or 5 miles with a guided missile!

I practice out to 50 yards, but I prefer not to shoot past 35 yards and really like 20 yards or closer. Longest bow shot was a doe at 46 yards, but it was in a wide open field. I Really enjoy getting close to the animal with a bow.

I learned one thing form hunting with various weapons...When bow hunting a nice deer will always appear in shotgun range, when I have my shotgun he will be in muzzle loader range, and with the ML he's in rifle range.
Thats why I like my rifle!
What an awesome buck! Was hoping we'd get to see a picture. I used to do the 3d thing regular and hunted woodchucks quite a bit. As I mentioned the one posted was a special case most likely not to be duplicated, by me anyway. As John said the closer the better, it wasn't nearly as fun as having one right under you, your pulse banging away in your eardrums, trying to breathe quiet and you darn near start to pant....about like a coyote ready to pounce, adrenaline spiking up the back of your neck, you start to shake just a little as you start your draw, and then drop the freakin arrow.

You certainly must have some self control as I think I would fall out of the tree if I saw something that big in bow range.

But alas I have since hung the bow up in pursuit of this strange disease I contracted when logging onto this site a couple of years ago.

Good shooting,
Wow. Yeah, that's one nice buck. I could fit the 10-point I arrowed this year inside it.
It's good to have a limit you obey (especially when you're still shooting 4 inch groups at that range). Not enough people do!
Congrats Bud! Must have been somthin to see that monster and still have to draw!

I was looking at my Brothers scores from the 2 day 3-D nationals competition in Redding California a few years back, 80, 88, 100 yards shots on Moose, Elk and BIGFOOT! Unfreakinbelieveable!! There was a hell of alot more that were **** near that far too, some on alot smaller game too!! I was even more floored when I saw his scores on them too!
Thanks for the kind words, guys. Oddly enough, I only start shaking AFTER I take a shot at a big buck with my bow. I'm kinda on autopilot when I see them approaching. I check the wind direction, pick an opening that I can fit an arrow through, estimate the range to the opening, pick the right sight pin, and then wait for the appropriate time to draw back my bow. Now after I've made the shot, it's a different story. I lower my bow to the ground, take a compass reading to the last spot I saw the deer,and carefully climb down from my treestand. Typically, my knees are shaking by now, so I'm REAL careful climbing down. I've also been known to fire up a cigar to force me to wait before I start tracking the deer.
God Bless IL. and Kansas. and Iowa. and Nebraska.....

people say there no big buck at all up here in the mountains, but i beg to differ. i managed to dump a 110 a few years back, and even saw a few p&y's running around, but only 125s and 130s. i cant recall seeing anything in the 150's, thats for sure.

nice going. congrats.

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