3800 yards long range shot .......


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Dec 20, 2008
Great Falls, MT

Sorry, I was trying to post this in ELR since last night but to no avail, there was a quick prompt notice but I am too slow read it before it went away so here it is . :cool:
Why is this suppose to be impressive, I get 3,800 is a long ways however 15 shots is a lot of shots. In a life situation when would someone get 15 shots. The law of probabilities suggest if you shoot at it enough you will hit it. What's the purpose. Glad everyone had fun and enjoyed a day in the Feild and shooting.
Im with dig on this one.
No different than the russians video, just lobbing em out there waiting for a hit.

I do appreciate their honesty about the round count though.
Bunch of haters!!!! Lets se some 3800 yards first shot cold bore hits from you guys. Shooting across canyons and 18 shots running 2moa at 2 1/4 miles... Lets see some shots...
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Not exactly a "lucky shot". I'm kinda dumb and run out of fingers and toes to count while doing the math on that one, but I'm impressed. Yeah 18 shots, but 18 in 2 MOA at 3800.... Different story. Also, anything within reason at that range is a little lucky. I'm also biased because of the fact they're Americans. Now we can all talk smack on the Russians' video. Suck it Russia. 'Murika.
The Distance is not what impresses me even though I would love to be able to shoot that far, but I am very impressed with one shot cold bore hits at anything over 1000 yards.

There is surely a lot of luck to hit anything at 3800 yards with any shouldered rifle at all.

But the MI Abrams was consistently hitting other tanks at 4000yards with one shot (Now that is impressive).

It looked like fun but I doubt an ELK would have stood still for that many try's.

No sour grapes, just not impressed because they could have hit the first or the 30th as long as they could keep shooting.

A follow upshot that hit would have been some fine shooting, but we will never know how many more shots it would have taken to hit again.

just my opinion

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