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  • sscoyote

    From your posts it looks like you do some really interesting shooting. However, you use some terminology I am not familiar with. I was hoping you could provide some reference material pointers.
    Note [I am 73 with stents and heart operations behind me along with a bad back so I am moving down to smaller caliber weapons. I have a 10/22 stainless rifle. My 15 yr old son a CZ 452 that he has graciously agreed to let me use.]
    I am new to this forum so if these questions should be on an open post just tell me to go there. What's a "plex", how do you measure "substension", where do you get trajectory charts, what do you need for a spotting scope to check the .22 work, what am I looking for in a scope.
    The 452 came with a BSA 3x9. I have a spare Simmons 6.5-20x50 and a Bushnell Banner 4-12x40.

    Thanks for any help.

    Sorry J, just saw this. I skin one leg down a bit to expose the tendon, and slip it over the top of the T-post. Sometimes it's tough to get it over, but it'll go. Then skin down aways, and then i pull it off the T-post and bend the waist over the wire close to the post (for support), and hook the legs under the next wire down. It holds wwell from that position to finish the job.
    Hi sscoyote,

    I saw your reply on shooting rests and you mentioned you skin your coyotes at the nearest fence post. Do you mind telling me your method for skinning? Are you using some sort of rope noose or cable to secure the coyote to the post to aid in pulling the hide off? Thanks.

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