If you could only have 3 rifles

22 250 for the little critters
25 06 for deer, coyotes and antelope if i ever draw a tag
7mm rem mag for elk
some day I would like to get a 300 rem ultra mag but that might be awhile.
I really only have 3 rifles well, 4 counting my grandson's Rossi 22/410 the funnest gun I have.

6BR - for LR shooting experience and yotes
270 Allen Mag - for reaching out and touching stuff from yotes to mulies.
375 Allen Mag - its not quite here yet but the reason for having it is pretty much self satisfaction. After all these years of being a good guy I figured I owed myself something really nice.:rolleyes: I'll most probably bust a bunch of rocks and snag a couple of elk with it.
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