If you could only have 3 rifles


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Oct 9, 2006
OK, if for some strange reason, you could only own three big game rifles, what would they be and why?
I am new to hand loading so my opinion may change as I get more into it.

For now:

375 H&H - I could hunt anything in the world. Some say it is the best "world" cal.

300 win mag. - I could hunt anything in North America. Lots of bullets to choose from.

280 rem mag. - I really like the way mine shoots. Its my best shooter by far.
.375RUM - ZKK 602

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223 - all around varmint gun.

280rem - awesome deer rifle

and the one rifle I don't own yet....a 30 cal magnum of some variety to shoot waaaaay over there at the big critters
I'd go with:

264 Win Mag for plains game
300 RUM... for anything and everything
375 H&H for the big stuff

Honorable mention goes to the 308 Win and 338 Win Mag...
ITs always sad to think of only having three rifles but for the sake of the question:

Medium weight 22-250 for all varmint/predator hunting

Sporter weight 7mm Allen Magnum for all general purpose big game hunting

Heavy sporter in 338 Allen Magnum for all long to extreme range hunting.(this may well change to a 375 AM with more testing, I am so far very impressed with the 375 AM but the 338 AM is proven).

Kirby Allen(50)
Since the question seems to focus on "big game" rifles, I'll jump over the many great smaller game calibers. I'd start with a hot 7mm (something like a STW or Kirby's) for longer stuff, use a 338 win for general big game hunting, and a 470NE double for dangerous game.
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