if you could only have 1 gun

If I remember right your living in Turkey, how is it for getting a rifle imported? I would think that would play a large part in the decision. From your pics I would shooting a 338 Lapua or a 338 Norma, you have some huge long range potential!

Right now I think for myself I would run something like what Len is selling in the LRH store but chambered in a 338 Norma Mag and made to a little lighter specs. I think a guy could do a little more hunting on foot but still have a very long range capable rig!
Unless you hand load, choose one with a good supply of quality ammunition.

7mm, 30 cal, and 338 cal are all available with good long range bullets in a wide variety of high performance cartridges.

But, your choices for factory ammo in Turkey are probably different from here in the US.

-- richard
I agree with the 338. Since you can buy 338RUM ammo at a store, that would be my choice, that or the 338 Lapua. If not one of these, the 338 Win Mag.gun)
308 Winchester M70 or M700 or M98, 24" barrel with detachable magazine. I do not see much I could not hunt in the world with this rifle and the right bullet.
I like the looks of the SSG 08 myself. I would get the 338 Lapua Mag since that is a popular caliber over seas. That thing has huge potential to rock any Ibex you want to put down as far as you want to shoot (within reason).

I like your choice, I am a 338 fan, shot a 340WM FOR 20+. Now it is my sons, Working on my Norma.I use to to shoot everything w/340
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