If you could only have 3 rifles

1. 22-250. Varmints and small game
2. 325wsm Everything else at under 300 yards In a rifle under 8 pounds scoped and loaded
3. 338 edge incase I get the urge for anything over 300 yards.
22 LR For small critters like Rabbits, squirrels, Game birds

243 For deers, predators

300 WSM, good on powder usage, and if I have to save myself to eat, shots would be with in reason as not to burn unnecessary calories or energy, so 800 yards would be my limit to walk and retrieve. This caliber would kill anything with in that yardage.
That question is loaded! Hunting in my state any thing over 25/06 or there abouts is over kill,Hunting the world now thats a big question , 50BMG 30caliber something and a meat gun down around .243 make em all <1" and I am happy!!gun)
6X47 for prairie dogs and coyotes at short to medium
7mm-08 for deer and antelope at short to medium
300 win mag for everything at long range
22LR the most practical of all...practic...practice...practice
338 Edge with a 12-42x56 for the long range stuff
45/70 Marlin 1895 with a Red Dot Aim Point scopefor spot lighting from ute back
and a 10/22 for cheap practicing at the range.
.22LR Ruger 10/22

.257 Wby Mag / .270 Winchester

.300 Wby Mag (or possibly the 338/378 Wby)
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.270 Because it is a great deer gun and can be used for larger game if needed

7mm Rem Mag Because it is just an all around great caliber

338 EDGE Because it can reach out and touch something
Tough question:

.22 Lr--Ruger 10/22
.308----Rem. 700P

.375 H&H--70 Win
This with the proper load will drop a deer or elephant
22-250 prariedogs/coyotes

25-06 coyotes/deer/pronghorn

300 Win.mag elk/moose or any other big game I would hunt.
223 for target shooting and up to coyotes

30-06 for deer, black bear and elk.

338 WM for longer range shooting and if I ever hunt in grizzly country.
.204 Ruger
With my handloads it shoots cloverleafs all day and it's cheap to shoot.

.257 Weatherby
Shoots like a laser and knocks deer DRT.

For the big stuff clear out there, way out there!
My Edge is currently being built by Defensive Edge.
(Please Mr Carlock, bump me to the front of you list, I won't tell.
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