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    I seen your stock in this post and I have one made by Simonson also for a xp-100 remington pistol. Your's is the only other one I have seen by Simonson Machine Co. I have a few questions to ask you about your stock but first here is a picture of mine. Is your biult anything like this. william

    I've never used this page so do not know how public it ends up. Thanks for your offer, your got the right man. I plan to email again over the weekend and fax at the same time to see if anything comes back, then I'll phone. If that fails I'll take you up on your kind offer.
    I'm waiting to so how public this text goes, if its just to you I'll send my email, name detail etc.

    I'm loading 100gr Barnes TSXs with 73gr of RL22 with a col of 3.183. I'm getting 3725fps out of this load. The col is shorter than the recomended 3.25 but that's where it shoots the best. It's a hot load so I don't post it very often. If you try to diplicate this load, just load up from a couple grains lower and see how it shoots in your gun. Yesterday, up in Blackpine Idaho, we were shooting 5 - 6" goups at 735 yards with this load. The only things I've done to this gun is adjust the crappy trigger, bed the action and lap the lugs. It's a shooter now!
    New to this site LRSickle and would to know what is the load you are using in that SS Vangaurd with the wood stock. I just got one last and would like to try that in mine. Now I'm loading 115 gr. SST.

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