If you could only have 3 long guns, which would you choose?


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Jan 27, 2016
The Great Republic of Texas
Maybe I should pair down my collection. Truthfully, I have my favorites and the others could be framed and hung on a wall. Some are invaluable but for sentimental reasons. I'm not asking for those to be included in the list. But let's say, purely for whimsical gab, that you could only have 3 calibers, any calibers, which would you choose?
Truthfully, I'm not sure. There would be a 6.5mm. I like creedmoor simply because I can buy Hornady ELD boxed ammo and shoot half minute to 600, but I'd like a bit more oomph... PRC, SS...?

7mm for sure. When I re-barrel my current 7mag, I'll likely go 7 Practical, unless Hornady launches the 7PRC (wink wink).

Number 3 is wide open. I use a .22 Mag A LOT. I really enjoy my .223s. I wouldn't use me 7mm for brown bears or moose and I hope to get one of each one day...so...
I don't have my 6 Creed yet. But i can say that my 338 Edge is never leaving. That and my 7 saum are my favorite so far.

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