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  • What powder or load recommendation do you have for a 257 STW and 115gr Berger bullet? Any info would be much appreciated.
    I was wondering which hard cases youre using for your long guns. The only one I can find is the pelican and it is almost $500 and was hoping to not spend quite that much. I need a minimum of 54 inches in side. Any help would be great
    I just wanted to compliment you on the way you write. I'm sitting here giggling like damned fool when I see how easily you trim some of these "know it alls" down a bit. There is nothing like having years of knowledge and experience under your belt. You are an expert in the art of doing this.
    You are also an expert at explaining technical things in a way that most people can easily understand & appreciate.
    hey Kirby ive sent you a couple emails and have noy heard back from you my name is kyle wright if that helps you find the emails. You built me a 338 am it shoot great and then turned bad, all the details are in the email. I want to send the gun back to you to see if it needs a new barrel or what. i have the gun ready to ship i just wanted to know if there is any thing you want me to do. or if i should just send it to the fort shaw address?
    Hi I saw you made a post about your 25-06 using 100 gr Nosler BT shooting tight patterns out to 500 yds. I am trying to build up a load using 100 gr Nosler BT. I was wondering if you could send me your load data for this bullet?
    Kirby...I'm going to buy 2 .375 heavy barrels 30" + to shot out to 2000 yrds by year end. You tell me who to place the order with ??? We will be shooting the 375 BAS cal. off the 408 case.
    Kirby...I'm going to buy 2 .375 heavy barrels 30" + to shot out to 2000 yrds by year end. You tell me who to place the order with ??? We will be shooting the 375 BAS cal. off the 408 case.
    What would be the smallest diameter/ # barrel you would install your slim/small pain killer brake on? Also what is your approximate turn around time on brake installation?
    I have backed off of the loads in my Kahn trying to get it where it doesn't show ejector marks on the end of the case. I am down to 225 Accubonds, fed 215, 112 Gr Retumbo and it is shooting them around 3200. Got any suggestions, it is down it loads for a standard 338-378.
    I'm in need of a APS PK brake for a new rifle build. 6.5x47, Lilja barrel with a muzle diameter of around .830. I would prefer the slimmer version. Need a cost, time frame for delivery and where and how to send the money.
    A. Barber
    Raptor Arms
    Hey kirby

    I might be getting a left handed 338-378 weatherby accumark, and was wondering if your aps brakes could be swapped for the accubrake, if so how much more felt recoil would be taken away, shooting 250 to 300 grain, bullets? how is the accubreak as far as brakes go? and how much are your brakes? the guy i am getting the gun from has a suppressor he had made for it, i just don't if i want to mess with all the paperwork and stuff. do you have any load data for the 300 smks? thanks for your help. g shaw
    I am interested in having you build me a rifle........Looking at 7mm stw, 7mm rum and 7mm Allen mag. However I am not a hand loader, are your rounds availeble for sale through you? I want a packable rifle capeable of a 1000yrds+. Would you put together a quote for me based on your opinions? Whats your turn-around time? Rifle weight? Action? Bbl Manu.....Ect. give me the full details.

    Kevin Lindstrom
    If you are NOT a reloader, stick with a 7mm Rem Mag or 300 Win Mag.
    Hello Mr Allen,
    I was interested in talking to you about making a 375 Cheytac rifle. Do you have a phone number that I could call and speak to you about the possible building of this rifle?

    Jason Jeter
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