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  • Is your G7 rangefinder still available? If so, I would like to buy it. Let me know how you want paid. ( Money order or PayPal). Thanks, Dave.
    I see your selling some TRG-S parts..stock and factory barrel so fourth.
    I was curious what you are building from the Sako action for the 338LM ?

    I have a build which I'm using this action also.
    I have a LOTHAR WALTHER barrel and the action so far to build a long range rifle with.
    Contour #3190: Heavy Match Target @breech 1.200 at barrel tip 0.870
    28 inch 1-10 twist stainless steel #7 profile contour 3190

    I've been looking over stocks for this configuation Mcmillan stated only the A5 would work with this barrel contour.

    Curious with what you might know about a stock MFG for such parts other than MCBROS.
    Thanks best of luck with the sale of your parts.
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