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  • Sure - you will need to provide the ship to information necessary to me - Country Etc.
    I can then package it up and provide you the necessary costs for shipping to get it to your location.

    Rick AKA: badaboom

    Would you be willing to ship that Kahles scope you have for sale overseas (Sweden, Europe) if I pay for the additional shipping cost?

    Best Regards

    I just saw this message from almost 2 years ago, I don't think I ever replied to it, come to think of it I'm sure I haven't as didn't know this area of the LRH website was even here.
    Did you ever build your rifle?
    I used a Manners T4 90% carbon fiber shell stock (which is similar to an A5) for mine, used an ABS/Rock M24 contour 30" 1-9.4" twist barrel.
    Likes the 300gr Bergers with Retumbo, puts 3 into .5 moa out to 1195 yds.
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