Hunting with tactical rifle?



took my .308 savage 10fp with a 20" heavy barrel on several hunts this year. head shot a deer at 350 yds (lucky). i carry it cross chest when hunting.
Hoser, you hit on a sensitive subject here, sensitive 'cause we "love" to take our heavy guns hunting! Why be normal? And, what exactly is "normal?"
Hey, WW, why didn't you put the rest of your gear in that photo?

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Just wondering:
Have any of you ever taken your tactical rifle out hunting, like a 308 heavy-barrel Marine sniper rifle? I'm not talking about the adjustable cheek type, but rather the type with a sporter stock. It's set up like this one:

I'm pretty new to rifles and an aquaintance is offering to sell me his and I'm wondering if it's portable enought to take hunting -- you know, trying to justify purchase by extending the use!. But I'd like realistic feedback. Not sure of exact weight yet but I thought I'd ask here.

Sorry if this is a "rookie" questions, but hey, I'm a rookie. Thanks.
Yep, been there, done that, had a blast!

It teaches good use of mildots/scopes, ballistics from range finding solutions, & quick windage. Great fun on coyotes out to 500!
Hey Whisper man, I'm always interested in the gear a guy carries. It allows me to modify my own pack if I see an idea I like. And I KNOW how heavy MY pack is!
That is a truly hard question to answer. I don't think you can go wrong with either selection. The 308 is a little shorter allowing shorter actions. If I was to use the '06, I would use an AI version. Higher velocity heavier bullets. Both are 30 caliber, which means a great selection of bullets from most manufactures.
I have to agree with LT.
I shot a "standard" 06 for years but I found I can do the same with a .308 with less powder and in a pinch I can buy match ammo. Plus my clients can take a poke at the pd's over 1K and not get beat up....

Hey LT there was more stuff but not to much on that hunt. I walked on that one. When I ride on a hunt I take a pack horse.. that should give you a clue ;-)

HEy LT can i use your signature line on another board I visit? Mane I get beat up asll day for the one I use now.
Although the notion of hunting with a tac-style rifle is neat and highly acceptable with guys on this forum, the fact is that there are some things that you have to put up with. A friend recently carried one on an elk hunt for a week, in fairly heavy bush and lots of hiking. His rifle is about 14 lb. and carrying that weight is the most memorable aspect of his hunt. Will he do it again, maybe, but it was not the optimum rifle for the job.
I have hunted with a 12 lb. rifle and it also is not really that pleasant to carry, when you think that an 8 pounder would pretty much do the same job. If your hunts involve a lot of hiking and any kind of bush, the lighter and more portable the better.
I believe that most of the long range shots discussed here are shot from locations that more or less involve getting the rifle to a spot and waiting for a shot.
Not trying to disuade you from that rifle, just pointing out that such a rig tends to be pretty heavy for some hunting applications.
The .308 vs .30-06 controversy will never be resolved, they are both very good rounds out to 800 - 1000 yards, have proved themselves and there is lots of data for both.
My Tactical rifle is 14 lbs. Yes it is heavy and you definitly know your carrying it. Especially up to the cliffs where I set up this year.
I am having one built 300RUM 27" K&P A3 fully adjustable stock #6 target countour. The rifle and scope should be at about 10 ish lbs. I'm looking forward to saving the extra 4 lbs.
We are using a sling from Browning that has two shoulder straps, goes on each shoulder so that the rifle rides up the center of your back. It works like a backpack and is great for long hikes. With practice it is very quick to get into action, you swing the rifle downward under your armpit and it sets up pretty fast.
Not sure what the name of that sling is but it is in the Browning catalog - it is the answer for heavier rifles, leaves your hands free for climbing etc, simple and strong design.