how many do you have?

I have a couple 7-300wm's too and a pair of 7STW's. That's the benefit of being able to build your own guns. After 20 years of it you tend to of collected a few of them.

One of those 7-300win's is the next one I wanna build. I have a Sendero in 7 RM that shoots pretty good right now. It is kinda my starter long range rig. But when Berger comes out with those 195gr bullets, I want to have something to shoot them. My twist isn't quite enough in the gun I have, although, for kicks and grins, I will buy a box just to see what I come up with, you never know. But then the question is, do I rebarrel my 7 RM with a little longer barrel and an 8-8.5 twist, or build one of those 7-300's. I am ultra nervous about having a rifle built in fear that I will mess up the specs for it and whatnot. I will have to hunt down a dandy of a smith when the time comes. I want to try to find one who has already built one of these 7-300's so that they can give me good input.
Do you guys prefer to buy a stock rifle and make modifications to them, or do you prefer to just have them built?

I have done both with good success. Compared to the stock rifles,scopes, and ammo components of 5-10+ years ago, the abilty to achieve .5MOA or better can often be achieved with several stock rifles designed forlong range that are available from several manufacturers. If I can get a good stock rifle, I'd rather put the $$$ into glass and other necessities. I have two 6.5-284's. One a custom costing over 3x my totally stock Savage LRH. No question, the quality and workmanship of the custom is far superior, but both will hold .5MOA out to 1000 yards consistantly. I have had the same experience with a couple of Remington 700 Milspecs that only required trigger work, and most recently, a Savage 111FCP 338 Lapua.
I think when it comes to some of the factory stuff, it depends on which one you get off the line. Some better, some worse. I have no complaints about my sendero, always been a shooter since I've had it. If I do a trigger job to it, it will be a real nice rifle. So if I were to decide to try one of these 7-300 combo's(which I'm itching for lol), I would end up with a pretty good rifle either way. Being I'm not splitting hairs in competition, I think I could have a real good sub MOA and better rifle for long range.

I like the HS Precision Stock. Some people say they have had better luck with them than others as far as the aluminum bedding. If I decided to get a reamer and get it custom done, I would probably just put a longer barrel on and a muzzle break. I am kinda itching to see when these 195gr Berger's mount to.

I have a Leupold VX-3 6.5-20x50 for a scope right now. Have quite a bit of MOA adjustment so I don't think I should have problems getting out as far as I want to go. I know a lot of people are into the Nightforce stuff, but I picked this scope up for a pretty reasonable price and am happy with it thus far. When you guys talk about "good glass," does a Leupold count, or are you talking the $1500 and up type stuff????
I've got three LR rigs. My "Big Boomer" is a 277 Allen Magnum. Rather than burn out the barrel on my big rig, I had Kirby build me a custom 6.5-06 AI. Also a dedicated LR rig, but barrel life is much better as is the cost of ammo. I do most of my practicing with this rifle. My third rig is a 243 with a custom barrel on a Model 7 action. Probably more of a mid-range rifle. I built it as a lightweight sheep rifle (if I build it.......the sheep tag will come). Hasn't worked yet.
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