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  • Greyfox,
    Howdy I am new to the site and I like it a lot. I can tell you are from NJ with the description about yotes and centerfire rifles. My name is John. I also belong to a great range you would like. It's Ridgway Rifle Club in NW Pennsy, about an hour east of Erie. It has a 1,000 yard varmint range. If you ever think you want to take a trip let me know.
    I converted a 270 Kimber 8400 to a 6.5 X .284.
    I can barely reach lands w/140B leaving only boat tail in the case. Magazine is 2 long to 2 use as a ref. Should I seat the bullet .264 in the case and work back from there? By using anything over 58 grains of Retumbo I'll be compressing powder after .264 depth, will that cause issues? How far can the 140B accurately jump? Should I consider a different bullet?
    Hi Greyfox, I have been following some of your postings, comments and etc. You seam like a very knowledgeable guy. I just bought a new rifle (Savage 111LR 6.5-284 Norma), a box of Hornady 143ELd-X bullets and a pound of H4831sc powder. I have new Lapua cases and 2 different primers (Federal 210M and CCI Large rifle). I was wondering if you might be able to point me in the right direction for a recipe?

    Thank you.
    I'm curious I have exactly the same setup in 300 win mag mil spec 700. I'm using 210gr begers with Norma brass, federal 215M primers and 79gr retumbo powder I'm getting good SD of 6 and ES of 11. However I'm getting ejectors swipes with new Norma brass even at 76gr. I am curious have you ever had false pressure indicators with Norma brass. Primers look good no flattening, no stiff bolt lift and no extractor marking.
    Grey fox, I have been eyeing a march 2.5x25x52. Sounds like you have one. How do you like it? I'm always skeptical about scopes that are that light. So hopefully you can give me some good details about the turrets and the glass and everything in between. Want an all around scope and that march seem like it's the cats meow if it's good.

    How does accuracy compare between your Cooper and your Savage LRH in 6.5 284? I have read many of your posts and they have been very very helpful to me in load development for my 6.5 284. I built one with a CBI barrel and remmington action. It is still new and I am ever tweaking. But the fun of the caliber has me considering trying to trade my 270 in for a Savage LRH. Thanks!
    In my reading it seems you have a good handle on the 6.5x284. I've been reloading for years. I put rifles together on Savage actions. My recent build is on a Savage long action single shot. CBI 26" 8 twist light varmint barrel. .2972 neck. The barrel is awesome and is very accurate, shooting almost any powder combo I throw at it near 1/2 moa. My challenge is with velocity. I'm shooting Berger 140 VLD hunting bullets. Using the stoney point comp gauge shows my ogive at 2.46 just touching the lands. I've been seating my bullets there for testing. Here are the loads I've tested and the velocities:
    H4350 49 = 2833
    H4350 49.5= 2884
    H4831SC 50= 2693
    H4831SC 51.5=2800
    RL17 49.5=2978
    Retumbo at 57.5= 2804
    H1000 56 = 2825

    I'd like to be in the 2950 range and only RL17 gives me that but from my reading it seems a little unstable. My testing was done around 70 degrees and low humidity here in southern Ohio. Any ideas?

    I've doing a lot of reading in the forum and you seem to be very knowledgeable when it comes to the 6.5x284! I'm about to purchase the savage long range hunter in that caliber and I keep seeing it is a barrel burner if I am going with strictly a long range hunting rifle will i run into the problems that others get from the life of their guns?

    Thanks for any info you might have

    Hi Art,please forgive me for not replying sooner. Had a death in the family and on top of that i came down with some kind of a bug.
    I cannot think of what data you are refering to but i would guess it is my loads with Superformance Powder and the 120 gr. A-Max bullet. If not, i am at a loss. You can E-Mail me or PM me again if you prefer. Sorry about the confusion on my part. Later ...... Sargesniper Larry
    Hey I was reading a chat on the g7 range finder and seen u got one.. mine is on back order and i was hopin u might have some helpfull hints for usin it or something that might have givin u some trouble at first.. oh and i orderd the g7 nightforce scope so ill make sure and give u my opinion since u was kinda thinkin about gettin one... thank u for any help:D
    I am looking hard at the LRH in 260 your opinion, is the mentioned rechambering for longer bullets a necessity?, as I plan to use Berger 130gr VLD for my intentions of primarily hunting deer and dogs......but will definetly be shooting out to 600 yards.

    What I dont want to happen is making an otherwise NON compressed load into a compressed load because of seating depth requirements to accomodate the longer 130 VLD.

    Thanks in advance, Russ Wa. state
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