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    Kid shooting with bi focal glasses help

    I require bifocals and find the regular configuration difficult to shoot with using open sights. I was able to resolve the problem by having my eye doctor customize the orientation of the bifocals to bring focus to the front sight and target.
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    MRAD vs MOA. Which one?

    Shown are my two most used rifles for my most frequent applications. A Nightforce F1 5x25 ATACR FFP/MIL mounted on my PRS rifle, and a Nightforce F2 5x25 ATACR SFP/MOA mounted on my LR hunting rifle. Both scope purchased at the time of introduction, they display comparable dimensions, glass...
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    Range finder thoughts and opinions

    Having owned the G7 since its introduction, it is my go-to for LR hunting. It has performed flawlessly, accounting for dozens of animals out to 1200 yards. For wind determination, ballistics work, and PRS competition(where it excels), l use a Kestrel 5700.
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    MRAD vs MOA. Which one?

    While I have owned and use both for hunting and competition, I personally prefer MOA/ SFP for hunting/Benchrest competition, and MIL/FFP for PRS/tactical competition. For comparable top quality glass/mechanicals, the MIL/FFP will generally cost +25% more. I’d rather invest the difference into...
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    Winchester M70 action

    To answer your question. Yes the post 64 and 70’s era Model 70’s were quite rough particularly when compared to the pre 64 and mid 80’s and later samples. By the early 60’s, Winchester(controlled by the bean counters) made the decision to cost reduce the Model 70. While some would claim the...
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    Winchester pre64 model 70 action screw torque specs

    I own a few pre-64’s. 30-40# on the front and rear action. Very light(enough to hold the plate securely in place(<10#) on the screw under the drop plate. The forearm screw 20-25#. I like to use “Blue” LocTite on all screws. Check torque frequently with un-braked magnums.
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    Adjusting BC for ballistics?

    For corrections below 700 yards I wil generally correct with velocity. If Above 700 yards I will consider changes adjusting BC.
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    .260 Remington reloading help

    My 260 match loads use H4831sc. Superb accuracy and low ES.
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    Primers: Std. vs. Magnum

    I had had great success with CCI BR4’s in both my 6.5x47’s using H4350 and 223’s using Varget. SD’s rarely run higher then 5 in my rifles.
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    The Importance Of Technology

    Shooting the same rifle/ load for the last ten years or so, my dopes for wind and elevation out to 1000 yards have been committed to memory, inclusive of adjustments for atmospheric conditions....the beauty of sticking with one system and lots of shooting/practice. I would be comfortable to 700...
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    Big deer hunt - help me pick the cartridge

    Considering your range will be under 200 yards, and you can shoot both rifles equally well, the 6.5CM will be more then sufficient, and enable you precisely place your bullet and perhaps better spot your hits. Bullet terminal performance with complete penetration will be more a function of...
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    Bipod changing point of impact

    I have found that I can get same POI that is the same with bags, bench/bipod, prone/bipod, or tripod. This has not always been the case. Consistency and control of the rifle/barrel during the dwell time between ignition and the bullet exiting the barrel is critical. The barrel generally moves...
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    Guns of the same caliber

    For the last several yearsI have run four 6.5x284’s(Hunting) and three 6.5x47 Laouas(competition). Prior to these, I have owned duplicates in several favorite cartridges over the years. While they all have performEd equally well from an accuracy/ballistic standpoint, they have had variations...
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    6mm ARC vs 6.5 Grendel

    You are spot on! Perhaps it’s asking too much, or there may be unknown factors, but IMO, if Hornady had any sense of dignity they would acknowledge the prior work of Whitely which was well established over a decade ago. My Whitely rifle and his supplied reloading accessories have performed...
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    6mm ARC vs 6.5 Grendel

    For 500 yard+ shooting I would opt for the 6mmARC. I have been shooting a 6mmAR(Whitely) which is essentially the same cartridge, for over 10 years. It has proven to be exceptionally accurate with good ballistic performance at the longer ranges.

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