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  • Hey, I'm looking for a pair of swarovski 15x56 for my daughter for graduation gift. If yours aren't sold could you text me with pics and info? I have family in az I could have someone pick up so no need for shipping I'm in wyoming 307-337-8476. Thanks I appreciate it.
    Saw a post you had about Browning Ti .300 wsm, what are you looking to get for it? Coming off deployment and been looking for a nice .300 wsm. Feel free to text me.


    Thanks for the info on AZ Unit 10. I'll be heading there in a couple weeks for my first scouting trip. When you mention looking into the northwest, are you referring to the cliffs? Would you know what the deer populations are like where you recommended. Thanks again for the good info. It will really help me make better use of my scouting time.
    One of my two A/C units quit on me. Compressor seized up (it was 10 yrs. old). I had a guy come out and replace it and he also did some work on the dryer. Next problem is that the system has no coolent, which suggests a leak. The guy who replaced the compressor gave me two options: 1) $60/hr. until the leak is found and the $200 to install the coolant; or 2) a flat $750 to find & fix any and all leaks, replace the coolant and guarantee the copmpressor & coolant parts of the system for one year. What do you think? Does it take 6 hours to find a leak? Is there usually more than one leak when a system goes dry? I'm on a budget, but I need to get this unit repaired.
    Yes, I am a licensed HVAC contractor. Just did an install for a Glock Talk forum member. I've done a lot of work for members of the Arizona Shooting forum.

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