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    SELLER: TWG0572

    I bought a McMillan stock from him. Item exactly as described. Great communication. Packaged well and shipped in timely manner. Overall smooth transaction.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED McMillan Tikka Stock

    Done deal. Smooth transaction,
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    SOLD/EXPIRED McMillan Tikka Stock

    Pillars? Has it ever been bedded? Just the one sling stud in the front? (hard to tell)
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    Who makes prefit barrels for Tikkas?

    A thought/question came to mind when I read the above statement. Most pre-fit barrels with fixed shoulder are made (read headspaced) off the existing face measurements of the action. By removing some of the face in order to 'square' it, the action can then accept barrels with a tenon larger...
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    berger vld or barnesttsx or nosler accubond

    Chances are, it is a seating depth problem. Weatherby's are noted for having lots of free bore. VLD's like being close to the lands, which means that if you seat the bullet out for enough to get better accuracy, they most likely will not fit into your magazine. You can either try different...
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    sightron s3/Bushnell elite tactical ffp

    I'm not sure these can be exported. There are restrictions on some types of scopes. Liberty Optics website should have that info.
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    SELLER: dabrown56

    I bought 1,000 bullets from dabrown56. Shipping was fast. Smooth transaction with good communication. Product exactly as described.
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    24 in barrel 338 LAI load help: Bergers and Hammers

    You didn't happen to say what sort of improved case you are shooting. I have a 338 lapua improved that easily gets 2,950 fps with the 300 gr. Berger. The load is 94 gr. of RL33, but the barrel length is 28". Your results will vary, but if RL33 doesn't work for you, my second choice would be a...
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    Thanks to Len Backus and family!

    I love that story. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Len, give me a call if you ever get down to AZ again. I have a couple new areas where we can stretch our legs.
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    Cooper rifle won't chamber twice fired brass

    You are all wrong! It's obviously the COVID-19 virus at work here. The glands around the base of the brass are swollen which won't allow the brass to chamber. Give it lots of fluid and alternate between aspirin and tylenol to control the temperature. It should eventually recover and allow...
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    Bullet Penetration

    The size of the wound channel is only a small part of the story. There is ample evidence out there in the hunting world of small, fast bullets killing large game. I am not advocating this, but rather bringing it up to point out the importance of hydraulic shock. The sound/shock wave that...
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    Is my trigger safe?

    As some of you may know, in addition to shooting LR, I also build custom flintlock rifles. These fine rifles were always loaded when hunting in the field. The better quality rifles usually had light set triggers. None of these rifles ever had a safety. Safety was and is always determined by...
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    NEW Bulk .224 75gr BTHP Bullets

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