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Flyers suck! Would of been a Jim dandy 5 shot group
View attachment 113620 Flyers suck! Would of been a Jim dandy 5 shot group
I do this now. Guess passing 60 and BP medicine is taking its toll. Only 3 shot groups for me now. Don't want to lose confidence, and only the first one matters anyway. I still can make the first one count. I only shoot 1 shot groups when I practice. When I go out, I will shoot the big gun once, shoot a little one a few times, shoot the big one again at a different range, and so on. Will usually shoot my RUM 4-5 times every time I go out.
That was gonna be a 3 shot group until 3rd shot went wide, so I put 2 more with it!
So here’s what you chase when trying too consistently shoot .25 in groups. I have 2 cz527 223’s. One with a couple rounds through it, the other about 6000. Both are extremely accurate. My original go too load, .50 inch groups all day long 6000 rounds later look like this
but shoot like this in the new gun.
Guys shooting barrel burners chase the throat,and use up barrels in 500-1000 rounds , not 6000
In October of 2017, Retired US Navy sniper Charlie Melton set what I believe is still considered the world record longest shot by hitting a 40” circle at 5,000 yards. (If I recall correctly, the flight time was something like 13 seconds.). My point is, by Mr. Melton’s own admission, his rifle is capable of .80” groups at 100 yards. That knowledge pretty much settled my quest for a hunting rifle/load that can do too much better than this. Still have fun trying though...
For a hunting rifle a SA PH gave me some good advice: if you can shoot sub MOA off a rest, you should be able to hit 4” plates off of sticks or off hand. Once you have this down run up a hill, throw your gun up on sticks, your PH’s shoulder, termite mound, etc. and you should be able to hit the kill zone on any animal! I took this to heart but the ocd perfectionist side of me always wants to shoot clover leaf groups.
Proper shooting technique and recoil management...with lots of practice. Best way to improve group size.
Would you explain recoil management please. I have a brake on my 6.5 if that’s what you’re saying. MY recoil problem is that barrel jump. It always jumps to two o’clock and seldom can I see impact even at 300-350 yards. I THINK that I must not be lined up with the rifle. Does that make sense?
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