Heading to Seattle, coming back with a Chrono


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Jan 22, 2008
I'm going south later this month/early next month on a mini vacation with my wife. We are going to Seattle for a couple nights and I figured that I oughta grab a Chrony while I'm down there (Im from B.C, the land of exspensive everything hunting). I just thought I'd see what a good middle of the road chronograph is and what they sell for. Im hoping to spend under $200.

There are a few that work OK. I think the most popular ones available today are the shooting chrony and the CED M2. The CED M2 seems to be a little more popular but you should be able to find one for just under $200. The Shooting Chrony's are a good bit less. I have one of each and they both seem to work just fine.
The Shooter's Chrony's have a few in there line up. Is it worth it to get a Beta or Alpha, or can I get by with the F-1? I dont think I need all the functions and stuff, but will I want them a little down the road?
I can't remember which one I have but it's the one w/ the remote display that only gives the speed. As far as the functions go you can use excell to calculate ES/SD and such if your trying to save a couple bucks. Just write down your velocities and when you get home plug them in.
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