Gun restrictions while hunting in CO


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Mar 2, 2012
Wasnt quite sure where to put this so please move it if there is a more appropriate place.

So i have a late season cow elk tag in sw colorado, my dad doesn't, can he carry our long range rig in his eberlystock in case we find ourselves in a LR situation? I will be carrying my 7mm-08 for shots in the 300 yards and in range and you the 338 Lapua for anything past that. I really dont want to be the one carrying a 14.5 lb gun in deep snow if i dont have to. :D
We will be hunting on private land with a guide.

Thanks in advance!
I looked around a little, and didn't find anything explicitly. I remember from my CO hunter safety course that the instructor defined "hunting", as carrying a suitable weapon (bow, rifle, etc.) designed to take game, outdoors... That sparked all kinds of discussion in the class, but his understanding was that an "affirmative" act on your part was enough to demonstrate "hunting" (unless you were obviously target shooting).

To be safe, I'd give the DOW a call. They have always been very helpful when I gave them a ring. Just be sure to tell them that the rifle will be in a case, unloaded. (Contact Information | Colorado Parks and Wildlife).
A couple weeks back while in CO a guy was telling me that the day before a game warden had jumped his butt and almost arrested him for holding his buddy's rifle while he was looking through a spotting scope. He had tagged out on a cow and was trying to help his buddy get his. He had me convinced enough that I wouldn't even carry a .357 mag on my belt walking around camp after I filled my tag.
Sorry- they are gonna tell you no, he can't carry it. Doesn't matter if coyote hunting. If you coyote hunt during a big game season, you have to carry something less than. 24 Cal.

I asked similar question regarding my daughter. She's 13 and willing to walk and hunt, but on some of the steeper hills or in deeper snow I thought it would be nice if I could carry her gun to help out. They said no- it appears I'm hunting regardless of the story I tell warden. You may get a different answer but I double it.
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