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  • I have just used reloads - have not shot any factory ammo. I have nothing to dislike about the rifle. I bought this rifle to be used as a LR practice rifle in hopes of extending the life on my custom barrels. It handles and operates very well - a little on the light side to be able to watch your hits through a scope at distance though. I would like to be able to set the trigger a little lighter but it comes in at what it was advertised.
    I am currently using the 178 gr. ELD-X bullets and lighting with 8208XBR powder and Federal 210M primers. It will hold 3/4 MOA out to 700 yds and then opens up to 1 or 1-1/4 MOA to 1000 yds.
    For a factory rifle at that price I feel they are well worth the money. Action is smooth, reliable and very repeatable which says a lot for a factory mass produced action.
    Hey, Cowboy. I just pickled up a Bergara B-14 hunter in .308. Have you used any factory ammo with good results or are you just handloading? How do you like the rifle so far?
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