Eberlestock vs. Cabela's Outfitter Pack


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Dec 15, 2007
Blanchard, OK
I am considering either an Eberlestock Blue Widow with a Butt Bucket to carry a bow or a Cabela's Alaskan Outfitter Pack with Frame. Both are of similar size.

I will only use the pack for one elk hunt a year, I plan to hike in about 5-7 miles and set up camp, hunt for 3-4 days and then come out for a night and then back in for 3-4 more days. I am new to backpack hunting.

I fully understand that the Eberlestock is a far better pack and will likely perform better than the Outfitter pack but the Eberlestock is almost twice as much money.

It the Eberlestock worth the extra money or is there a better option I am overlooking.

Eberlestock all the way. It is well worth the extra money, and will last forever.

Just got my X1A1 and I am totally impressed with these packs.
check out www.paysonoutfitters.com.
they carry a complete line of eberlystock packs at slightly better prices and offer free shipping.
they also carry other brands.
i bought an x1 from them and it is indeed an excellant pack. not what you need however.
i would think there are other more reasonable options for your intended use.
a g i duffel bag holds lots of gear. possibly something on that order could be fastened to a good frame.
I own Eberlestock and have owned Cabelas packs although not that specific one. The only reason I would say go with the Cabelas is if you really intent on it being a one-time thing. If you plan to sell the pack afterwards or chuck it in storage, the Cabelas packs are ok. Some of there packs are darn decent. Eberlestock is consistently great.
ATH---He didn't say it was a one time deal. He said it would be used for one big trip a year! I would go with the Eberlestock in that case!!!
I bought a J107 dragonfly. Best thing that you can do to make your trip enjoyable. Crappy pack are just that... crappy. Not to say that the Cabelas is crappy, just that the Eberlestocks are truly worth every penny. Badlands are good packs too.
Eberlestock are the cat's meowwwww.....but now you got to decide on the model that will handle your needs!!!! lol it never ends........
I have the Eberlestock x1 although not big enough for a back pack hunt it has packed out lots of deer and elk I am going to start doing "back pack hunts" this fall and I will be buying another Eberlestock for the job when packing in a heavy load you will need a good pack but for packing out a even heaveier load dont settle for anything less then a Eberlestock !!!!!
Eberlestock one tough pack. I have the J4 for backpack hunts & its nice and tough I've had about 70+ lbs and you wound think the straps would pull off some time when you pick it up it's so heavy but never a flaw just works.
First of all, I don't know much about Cabela's packs. I only know a couple guys who use them and they seem to like them. But, I do have an Eberlestock J34. It was pricey but I haven't regretted buying it and am positive that I never will. Reason is, I'll never need another one. I like it because it's light enough for short day trips but big enough to pack in lots of stuff for several days. Sounds like you will most likely need the J107. Eberlestock is legit and you definitely can't go wrong with any of their packs if you can save up the cash.
I have an eberlestock and love it. I recently ordered the butt bucket and should have it today, tomorrow at latest. I can let you know how I like it.
There is another thread going with some good suggestions you should check out as well.

Eberlestock (Dragonfly & X1) are the best I have used. I have use cabelas, and badlands packs and like the layout on some of the badlands packs but the way an Eberlestock packs a rifle cant be beat and they are very durable. My daughter hiked with us when she was 11 with the X1 and a Tikka T3 and said it was no problem and the gun didnt bother her.
I have a Cabelas guide series pack and the Eberlestock dragonfly. I have used them both on backpack hunts.

The Cabelas can handle the weight a little better and you can carry more weight due to space. I tend to use the cabelas when I am hunting the larger game like caribou etc. The Eberlestock is used for goat and sheep when I am doing a lot of climbing and I want to ensure I pay extra attention to how many comfort items I am taking.

If you plan on getting a lot of rain the eberlestock will weigh more after it is wet.
I have the Eberlestock J34 and love it. It has been to Africa to Alaska and their customer service is top shelf, some of the best I have seen. I dealt with the owner and he was great!
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