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  • I did not get a PredatOBR, I cancelled it after waiting about a year for it, that was crazy. I had one in my hands at the Shot Show and I feel the DDMV7 is just as good. The accuracy on the DDM is outstanding!
    Could you please tell me the differences in quality between your DDM4v7 and your PredatOBR. I have a brother who ordered the PredatOBR and it looks like he won't get it for a year. Thank you. Marty
    338magshooter, I currently shoot a 338 RUM, but am having a 338 Lapua built by Kirby Allen on this site. The best way to get info on the Lapua load is just to type 338 Lapua into the search. It will bring up anything with 338 Lapua in it. You can also start a post and ask for info. There is great info on this site.
    Thanks for the feedback capt.! I totally agree! Do you know anyone who wants to buy a countersniper! Do you have any info on the best ammo for the .338lapua magnum?(barrett mod.#98B) thanks again,.338MS.
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