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  • I have found some remington cases for 88.00 shipped but I have not been hearing good things about them so idk. I do not use remington cases for anything else I load cause they live a short life but like I said idk about the UM cases.
    You are at an advantage cause you dont have three kiddos lol. There will always be one more firearm to buy not to mention everything else. I am thinking of calling Mello Yello and asking for sponsorship.
    dude, why don't you just suck it up and build two rifles and have the arsenal you need.....you will still need a semi-auto rifle and of course some kind of sidearm.
    Hey, sent you a P.M. on a fix for ''tearing brass'' as per the thread you had a while back. I had simmilar issues, but I figured it out. (WITHOUT ''KNOW-IT-ALLS'' be-littleing me while giving advise). Anyhow hope it helps you too
    I run cheap firestone mud terrains on one truck and BFG all terrains on my other truck with no chains or studs. I usually drive in 4wd on the side roads and 2wd on the highway. You can generally see or feel when you need to run 4wd. Some of my friends drive 2wd all winter. 2wd drives aren't as good in the winter but if it is all you have go for it. Resale for a 2wd truck in Alaska is not very good as you can imagine. If you are not comfortable with driving your truck around I would suggest about 500lbs in the bed until you feel more comfortable. You will see some guys put up to 100 lbs in thier truck but it really doesn't help until you get to about 500lbs. You definately don't want to run chains because they are a pain in the butt up here. Some guys with trucks use studs in the winter but not that common for trucks. Short answer, just run your all terrains with no studs or chains and you will do as good as anyone else.
    Wanted to ask you since your the only person I "know" in AK. What kind of tires to you run on your truck. Is a studed tire a must, or can I put chains on my agressive all terrain tire? Just trying to plan ahead. Also I heard about a ferry that can take you from WA to Haines AK. Have you heard of this. If its true I may be able to transport my powder and primers. Also Is a four wheel drive vehicle a must. My wife has a small crossover Pontiac Torrent. we just bought it a few months ago and she likes it, but I don't know if she would be able to get around up there. Don't want to bother you just curious.

    Thanks Much
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