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    Where in Texas are you? Are you near Arlington?
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    Called in a small bear

    Great pictures. What did you use to call him in?
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    alaska hunt

    You should give some more details on your hunt. Guide or no guide? What is your physical condition? How much time and money do you have dedicated for the hunt? Rifle or bow? A good place to start your research is Home Page, Alaska Department of Fish and Game There is a wealth of...
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    Pig Shot with 7WSM

    Where did you hit the pig and how did that bullet do? I have a new 7WSM and haven't shot it yet because I haven't decided what bullet to use yet. Somewhere between 140-168gr.
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    375 ruger bullet choice

    I didn't get a chance to go last year but on May 12 I am heading out for a week and hope to get lucky. Last year I did go caribou hunting and posted the results in the trophy photos section. I also haven't had time to do much shooting with my 375 ruger so I am not confident with it yet. This...
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    338 lapua MV

    I can get 2850 with 92 gr h1000 with my 28" broughton barrel. If you find you are not getting the speed you want try some Retumbo. It should gain you a little more speed.
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    338 lapua MV

    You should be able to squeeze a little more velocity out of that barrel. Just watch for pressure signs. The issue is the 26" barrel, this is where you are losing some of your velocity. Once you get your rifle see what the real numbers are and hopefully you can get up to at least 2800fps.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Vs sf ii 223

    Where is FTF? I live in AK will you fly up here?
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    kirby allen wildcat?

    You might have better luck just searching using Google. Here are a few I found using google. Allen Magnum Wildcats .224 Allen Magnum 270 WSM parent case, fireformed to sharper shoulder angle and less body taper 80 gr. up to 100 gr. Ultra Low Drag(ULD) Rebated Boattail(RBBT), still...
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    Please make more "sticky" posts

    It seems there are a lot of questions asking the same thing. Many of these is probably because people fail to do enough searching or get lazy with the research. Can someone with more technical knowledge do some write-ups on common questions and make them a "sticky"? There has been some posts...
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    North Slope Caribou

    My little boy turns 7 months in a couple days. Every day has been awesome with him. In fact I can't recall any bad days, even when he cries or wakes up in the middle of the night. Neither my goats or caribou are record book animals but I don't have much to contribute to this website as far...
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    goat hunt

    That is what surprises a lot of goats are big! It sure surprised me on my first goat hunt. I estimate these goats to be around 260+lbs on the hoof. That equates to a lot of weight on your back and in my case I caped the entire goat so it took up a lot of space. I wouldn't...
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    I can see exactly what you are talking about. I started to use the 24hourcampfire and it seems like attacking the people with low post counts was like a game or something? I found LRH and what impressed me most was the knowledge and passing on of the knowledge rather than dismissing the...
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    North Slope Caribou

    That is our friend Matt, he hunts caribou with the recurve bow as well. We met him up on the slope where he and his dad were hunting. His dad ended up taking a big caribou with his bow.
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    goat hunt

    Rifles used were 300 win mag and 300WSM, both with 180gr Accubonds. Results were less than spectacular with those bullets. No special training for the increased angles, just knowing what the bullet will do. Our shots were slightly downhill but not enough to worry about. To get a decent shot...

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