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Nov 23, 2018
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Nov 23, 2018
    1. ByronF
      I'll give you 400 for the 223 shippes
    2. 500mag_guy
      Jason is good to go he bought some brass from me and I trust him enough where I sent the brass off before even receiving payment! Jason is great to deal with!
    3. 500mag_guy
      I bought a rifle from Jason a few months ago transaction went as smooth as possible with great communication! Would do business with again!
    4. rigmaster10
      We spoke some time ago on a 338 Demon wildcat I made. And we have different opinions on the 338 Lapua Mag and told me to try pushing a 300 gr bullet out of both. To see which is better. And I have. I cannot find much difference between the two. And I tried with 250 gr. bullets as the with the Demon. Both rifle were able to get to 3130fps mark that I stated earlier. My Demon holds 1/2 moa at that speed the Lapua was at about 4 moa. Not its fault its a factory rifle not a custom like the Demon. I think I could have pushed the Lapua faster in the end. As for testing with 338 Lapua in a Savage model 111 longrange Hunter. Its an amazing pair. With 300 grain bergers @ 2700 FPS. 3/4 Moa and I tested it yesterday @ 1000 yards in 0-15 mph gusty wind it held near 3/4 moa, save for some flyers that were probably my fault. So I will quit making fun of the 338Lapua. Its by far easier to load than my Demon. But I will not concede on How much the Demon does with so little. Im a Lapua lover now to.
    5. CaptBeach

      Been trying to get hold of you...left a few messages but I know you've had trouble with your phone(s) sounds like your busy too...sometimes thats a good thing $$$$ hey I want to come pickup that part we discussed...leave me a PM and I'll shoot you my cell # again...

      Capt Travis Beach
    6. backwoods83
      Whiskey it's on 33N but it's ins and member only.
    7. whiskey3
      Where is the Whitehorse range in Buchannon, WV? is it private? I live down the road in elkins and would love to have somewhere to shoot and stretch it out a bit. I currently shoot at the Issac Walton range but it only 110yd.
      Ahhhh gotcha. I was looking at your post and I thought it was the complete rifle!! My mistake. I'm gonna have to pass, I've got way to many projects of my own already, though I do appreciate the offer!
      Tell me which scope you're interested in trading for. What kind of stock does the wby mag have on it??
    10. new shooter
      new shooter
      Are you a savage gun smith ?
      I'm going to call a guy tomorrow about a straight across trade, but if it doesn't work out, what gun parts do you have that you need to get rid of??
    12. Michiganhunter
      Sorry man. I never looked at the message in box. Thanks for the info. I will ask around my club, and see if there are any guys in the 270 market.
    13. TrophyHunter_colorado
      I am pretty easy, I am looking for big whitetail or muley, elk hunting in another part of the country. I am totaly booked this year so let me know what you got going on were your at.
    14. kubotaman
      Will you be marking the stock as SPF in the classified sections?

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