Eberlestock vs. Cabela's Outfitter Pack

I have the Blue Widow and wish that I would have gotten the Dragonfly... Great pack!!! Get the zip in panel. The best price I have found is a dealer on archerytalk.com forum (not trying to promote another forum!!) just trying to give you what I have found for price.

Another option that I would consider is the Outdoorsmans.com optics ready pack, Mystery Ranch has some awesome packs also.
I've never bought a Cabelas product that resulted in my being disappointed in the quality. I've always been well satisfied and any problem I've had has been handled quickly and courteously. Having said that, when considering a pack for hunting, Eberlestock kept coming up. I ended up bypassing the Cabelas pack I was eyeing and buying an Eberlestock X1. I figured may as well get top of the line rather than risk a problem.
I can say, I am absolutely impressed with the Eberlestock, the quality is unsurpassed, and their warrantee and guarantee is top notch. But I doubt they have to do much warrantee repairs considering the quality of their product.

Spend the extra $$, Go with the Eberlestock, you'll be happy.
I went to Cabelas to buy a frame pack. The guy talked me out of it. Eberlestock or Badlands was what he recomended. (for comfort and capability)
After following this and similar threads for months, I ordered my Eberlestock pack this weekend. I will give you my two cents once I have had a chance to try it out.
I love my J107M. I am 6'0" and my J107 fits me perfect.

Blue Widow or Dragonfly you cant go wrong. My vote is for Eberlestock.
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I got the spike camp duffle for packing and storing camp also. I have the Cabelas Extreme alaskan outfitter pack also and it is nice, but I like the eberlestock much better for hunting. I take the frame from the cabelas pack and keep it in the truck for packing meat out after the first trip with the eberlestock.

If you get the frame pack, it will be bulky and not real comfortable to hunt with. The beauty of the eberlestock is that you can drop camp, zip it up and tighten the straps, and you have a good comfortable daypack to hunt with ready to go. Take a few trash bags to put meat in and you can use the main mesh compartment to pack out some meat the first trip, while packing camp in the duffle.

I still like a external frame like the cabelas pack has better for packing heavy quarters. The eberlestock's design puts the weight further off your back and lower because it's made to pack a rifle close to your back. It's a great design for "one pack for everything" idea, but I think a frame pack is still more comfortable for packing meat. That's why I drop the eberlestock at the truck with the first load and use the frame for the rest.

I'd buy the eberlestock and then try to find a decent frame also. Don't forget to put plenty of bungie straps and cordage on the frame for securing meat, and add a way to carry water.
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+1 on what mcseal2 said

I own both and for "backpack hunt" backpack the Eberlestock is hard to beat and I doubt I would buy another brand for the reasons everyone already mentioned....BUT if you're looking to haul big loads of meat on your back the Cabela's Alaskan Guide frame is the way to go.
I bought my "Just One" pack direct from Glen Eberle in 2005. The pack is top notch and have since bought yet another Eberlestock pack that too has been carried for miles. I can't tell how many critters I've packed into the Just One, but it does it VERY well.

There is an entire doe mulie in there. Just add water...and some other stuff.

Typical load out configuration. About 40 lbs with much of that a 17 lb rifle!

This load weighed and honest 130 lbs. Note the goofy horns on the buck. I carried this guy just around a mile back to the truck.

This was a 130 to 145 pound load with this young buck. I had to ditch all the gear inside back at the truck and go fetch the deer. I don't remember how far I packed him, but it was uphill both ways!

Doe mulie, same idea as the buck. Just strap the legs in and go!
Need I say more! That ought to be at least 5000 words right there!
Wow! You don't like making multiple trips huh? LOL!

Never occured to me to strap a whole intact animal to the pack!

A picture is worth a thousand words, you're right, that's worth about 5000 and certainly a testimony to the quality and durability of an Eberlestock!
I used to grab 50lb bags of cattle mineral 2 or 3 at a time to load on my truck, but after watching other area ranchers get hernia operations I decided to drop to one at a time. I'd still prefer to quarter an animal, it's to easy to misstep and hurt yourself packing that kind of weight. Your pics do a good job of illustrating how stout both you and the pack are though.:)
I figured the buckles or seams would give way after the abuse. Not so. I've crammed it into the washer a bunch, too. Not a single thing wrong with it. I wish half of the stuff we purchase any more had the same quality. Made in the USA used to mean something every time. I wish it still did. More often than not, made in China, designed in USA. I get real tired with crappy stuff falling apart. My Eberlestock packs are the real deal. My wife about shat herself when I bought it. She said it was too pricy for a pack. I told her I'd go get a four wheeler then. I still have yet to buy the quad. You can probably tell I'm satisfied with the pack.
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