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Jan 6, 2003
The rifle range, or archery range or behind the co
I would have had all my load development done last summer and my new scope but my plans were hindered by an archery hunt I found out about in july. I was working on my development and it all halted for a while. Last week I purchased my Night Force 3.5-15x50mm NXS and resumed my development. I have settled on 2 loads.

The 1st uses the 178 AMAX at 3430 FPS and delivers incredible accuracy. It shot a group Saturday at 300 yards that measured .779" in the picture below. This load only drops just under 38" at 600 yards in cold sea level air!!

The 2nd is a 200 Accubond at 3100 FPS and shoots aroound .4-.5" at 100. 1.5-1.75 at 300 yards. Given the size of the game that will be hunted with this load, I think .5 MOA is good enough for LR hunting.

I have been chomping at the bit to get this thing done and dialed in. I ordered the barrel over a year ago and between $$ and other hunts and such it seems to have taken a year to get her all set up and dialed in. It was well worth the wait!!

The specs are: Rem 700 SS long action pre J lock, Lilja #7 straight taper, 27.25" long+the brake of my smiths desighn, 12 twist, chambered in 300 RUM with a .333 tight neck, sako style extractor, tubbs heavy recoil lugg, steel bedding, McMillan HTG stock in woodland cammo with grip and fore end texture set up for switch barrel. Ken Ferral 1 peice base and Badger Ordanance rings.




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