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  • Dave,
    From the sounds of it you are living in the TF area. We'll have to meet sometime. I, too, am a long range shooter. I shoot a custom 300 RUM. I also like to shoot chucks with my 25-06AI and my CZ550 in .22-.250. I have just about every caliber of rifle and am now starting to thin my collection down to about 5 different calibers. I want to know what you think of the 6.5? I'm really thinking that I would like to build one.
    I have a farm up in Orofino that I'm leaving for early next week and won't be back down to Twin until late this winter but do access my email.
    Let's hook up sometime and do some shooting.
    Ross K,
    This message will probably be useless to you as your message is from February. I apologize I dont get on the site much.
    I chose the 6.5 Gibbs after reading an article about it in Varmint Hunter magazine. I called and spoke to the author and he convinced me it was the way to go. I wanted a long range round that was NOT a magnum, and brass was plentiful and cheap. I use 270 Win brass. I do have to do quite a bit of prep to create the round. I like it a lot. Last Sunday I got three rounds into less than 10" at 1300 yards. My load is 58.3gr of H4831 SC and 140gr Berger VLD's. It is my hunting, match and everyday load. It runs at 3280fps.
    Hello Dave,
    My name is Ross from Nebraska. I ran into some of your posts when I was looking for info on the 6.5 gibbs. I am looking for a long range rifle and am thinking a 6.5 but i keep jumping around between the gibbs, 6.5-06, 6.5-06ai and the 6.5x284. Why did you pick the gibbs? what loads are you shooting? Is is hard on cases? Is it hard on barrels?
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Ross K
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