Pics of my Latest 6.5-06 Toy

Dave in Idaho

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Mar 2, 2003
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Great lookin' rifle and awesome pics! Now just blow it out to a Gibbs and then you and I can really compare notes!

Next let's see some target pics!
Dave in Idaho

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Dave, I would have done that already but the P actions don't like feeding the sharp shoulder. Only reason it is a -06 not a Gibbs.

Will post range results when I get a chance to get out.

Beautyful rifle!!
I have a similar thing "on my drawingboard".
I've started to collect parts for a M98 in the same caliber (6,5-06).
Just put the finishing touches on my new 6.5-06 rig. This one will be used for moderate ranges that I have in my clear cuts I hunt.

SS Barrel is made in Canada by Bevan King, Enfield P17 action modernized and with a Timney trigger, Boyds lam stock, B&L 4200 6X24 scope, Winchester Muzzle brake.

Hope to get it out shooting next week. will post results.



I am very interested to know how it shoots. I am planning on rebarreling my .25-06 AI to a 6.5-06 in the near future. What twist did you go with? What bullet(s) do you plan to use? thanks-that is a sweet looking rig, Duff
here is some shooting feedback. please note that powder charges are for my rifle and lot of components. Work up in your own rifle.

At 100yds, sighted in with 57gr of H4831SC, then moved up in 1/2 grain increments. At 58.5grs, the group had two in one and another just out. Group size about 3/8". Not a bad start. At 59gr, definite stiff bolt and groups opened up.

Just went out yesterday and after shimming my scope for more elevation adjustment, I sighted in again at 100yds. The groups below are with 58.5gr shot at 180yds.

Group A was going from 100 to 180yds. Except for the shot out, not bad. Maybe me, maybe wind.

Group B definitely pulled one as indicated. Same type of pattern, ummm. Also, getting pressure signs. At least overall group size is not bad with two nice and tight.

Group C, went well and showed the vertical stringing typical of loads with a pressure problem. I am guessing that the scale was off a bit because I was getting pressure signs and stiff extraction.

Will try different brass and work up again. The PMC stuff is not standing up to the higher pressures I am runnning.

My guess is that with a load that balances the pressures, I should be able to get in the 1/2" range at 180yds. Not bad for a WWI action and a hunting bullet.

The barrel is 24" then muzzle brake. Kept is short because will be used as a walking LR rifle. Twist 1 in 9. I expect around 2900 to 3000fps. I am using the Hornady 140gr SST moly coated by me. Primer is Fed 210M but may try CCI BR2. Powder H4831SC and is just getting compressed so will not try a slower powder. Something like AA Magpro may be just the ticket but not available in Canada - easily.

Going to use the brass that has served me so well in many rifles - Lake City '06 brass. yep, this stuff shoots well for me and has proven very durable at high pressures.

Will post more details when I get the loads dialed in.


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Got this rig out on the weekend and have a drop table out to 800yds done. Took 15 min of elevation to go from 100 to 800yds so pretty flat.

Muzzle vel is 2975fps which is exactly where I wanted to be.

Impact energy at 500yds is excellent and should have no issue with this load out to 800yds.

Was shooting and hitting clays at 500yds and basketball size rocks out to 800yds off a bipod. Simulated field shooting.

Very happy with the rig, the recoil and the accuracy. It will probably never shoot better then 1/4 MOA but considering the components and action, a great budget LR rig.

I also had wonderful luck with the turrents on the Elitw 4200 6X24 I am using. Just dial in what you need and pow, these is a poof of smoke right where you want it. Will do more testing practising but so far the confidence is there.

will post more info if there are other questions...

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