Best "All Around" Bullet for 300 WSM


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Jan 8, 2009
What are you guys using out there? I'm talking about an "all around" bullet for antelope and deer up to an occasional elk and shiras moose (if I can ever draw a tag!).

I have a friend who reloads for me and he suggests a 200 grain Accubond or 185 grain Berger VLD. Barnes anyone? Any thoughts? Thanks!
Very good question! I am very curious to know what other WSM shooters like. Myself I have been using the 168gr Barnes and I have some 168gr Bergers on order I want to give a shot. That by no means do I think they are the best but they have worked well for me.
I am interested to see what other have to say??
I haven't used the 177 grain GS bullet in mine but I think it may be the best all around hunting bullet in 30 caliber. They are very expensive but need to be tested with that super high BC in a quality hunting bullet.

I have a tikka light 300 wsm for a light carry gun that will kill anything in Wyoming out to 600 yards and shoot relatively flat doing it. I ended up with the 150 grain nosler E-tip with a .469 BC at over 3400 fps. The monometal bullet hits and penetrates like a standard bullet twice it's weight because it retains 90+% of it's weight. With the light rifle recoil got to be a factor with the heavier bullets and the 150 is a pleasure to shoot. It shoots much flatter and using my mil dot scope hits to my 600 yard carry rifle standard were easy. It shoots great with the heavy bullets I just didn't see any reason using them when my longest anticipated shots would not excedd 700 or so yards. The 150 shoots much flatter inside this range and will kill anything I want. So in the light rifle and the anticipated hunting style with it that is what I came up with.
Long Time, what is a GS bullet? Also, anyone have experience in the 300 wsm with a Barnes TTSX or MRX?
GS bulets are custom bullets made in south africa. They are quality monometal hunting bullets that will not come apart. Similar to the barnes. The 177 grain 30 caliber bullet has a BC of .638. That would be the best quality hunting bullet I am aware of. A guy on here shot them this year and said he was getting good accuracy and performance. I am going to try them for next year in all my big 30's. My ultramag should shoot it close to 3500 fps. That velocity with a .638 BC would put the 300 ultramag right at the top of long range big game performance. It would also do wonders for the 300 wsm.

I tried the 130 tsx in my 300 wsm and I was very pleased with it at close to 3600 fps. Out to 600 yards it is also a very good choice for a lazer. I opted out for the higher BC etip. I am not concerned about shooting big game with light bullets if it is a quality monometal bullet like the barnes or etip that retains over 90% of it's weight. This year we shot several animals with a 257 wby and 100 grain barnes tsx bullets out to over 500 yards. Complete pass throughs with jellied lungs on all. The most impressive was a large bull caribou that weighed 500 or so pounds through both shoulders at 486 yards with exit wound showing it had good velocity on exit. That told me light bullets were fine as long as they are these type bullets.
I'd take a hard look at the 180 grain Accubond. I've shot antelope, mule deer and 5 elk with them and haven't had a single problem out of my 300 WM. I've recovered a couple out of elk and they are a perfect mushroom. Nothing has went further than a few steps after being shot.
The best all around bullet in the 300 WSM is the one that shoots the best in your 300 WSM.

Having said that, I agree with LTLR that the GS HV 177 is at the top of my list for the best 30 cal hunting bullet, especialy for LR. But before anyone goes and buys them, make sure you have the twist for them. A 10 twist is borderline them and a twist of about 9-9 1/4 is recomended for hunting at all ranges. An 11 twist is OK for greater than 500 yd shooting. You can probably get away with a 10 twist with higher velocity cartridges. I think they recomend the higher twist for closer ranges to ensure terminal stability.

GS CUSTOM BULLETS - Specifications for use

Other than GS bullets, my next pick is the 180 E-Tip, and I think 180 gr bullets are ideal for that cartridge, especiay if we are talking LR.

Jumpalot: I agree with you on the 180 Accubond. I used it quite a bit in a 300 Wby and the results were great.

MontanaRifleman: Of course final choice will be dictated by what shoots best in my particular rifle (300 WSM Bansner Ultimate One, by the way), but I'm just curious as to what people are using in 300 WSM as an "all around" bullet. I'm glad to see your opinion on the E-Tip, researching B.C.'s and S.D's, I like the numbers for the .30 cal 168 grain E-Tip.
My 300 wsm will not shoot the accubonds worth a darn but it realy likes the combined technology 180 ballistic silvertips and they have proven very...... VERY effective on elk, dear and bear but they seam to pass threw coyotes without opening up.... cheaper than the accubonds also. I here good things about the berger 185 but I have not had a chance to test it yet. Options are a good thing.
I have only used 180 grain Accubonds in my Browning 300WSM and they performed very well on whitetail. Hopefully I will get to try them on an elk next year. I was going to use a 150 grain for deer but I found some Black Hills Gold on sale loaded with the Accubonds just to try them out and when sighting the gun in I put the first three shots through one hole at 100 yards :D.
My gun likes them so much I don't see me trying anything else.
I haven't used the 177 grain GS bullet in mine but I think it may be the best all around hunting bullet in 30 caliber. They are very expensive but need to be tested with that super high BC in a quality hunting bullet.

Does anyone use this in factory ammo for those of us who aren't able to load our own yet?
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