Any 22-284 shooters?

Bob the nailer

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Dec 9, 2009
Finally I am getting close to finishing up on a long forgotton project. Just need to make some blind bottom action screws and apply a finish to the stock. I am wondering if anyone else shoots a 22-284 for varmints/coyotes/wolf ect.......

This one is a 1-9T, 27" stainless bull, cyro treated, cases are necked down 284 Winchester turned to .014" neck thickness.
I used to have one 400 rounds and my barrel was toast. Started loosing accuracy at 300 rounds. Don't do too much load development. Extremely fast flat 13 moa to 1000yds
Just having one built. 1 in 8 twist Brux, Nosler brass, and going to try shooting the Swift Scirocco 75 gr. Keep us informed on loads etc.
Deciding on a scope then off to season the bore.


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i would love to have one and shoot the 90 grain berger out of it! That would put the hurting on any varmint within 1K!
Well I think mine should be done this weekend. My gunsmith and his brother shoot the 80 grain berger out of theirs. The 90 grain VLD wasn't making it to the target! They maxed it out for velocity at 4000fps. Now with the 80 grain VLD they are shooting it at around 3550 fps I think. I am hoping the Scirocco 75 grain will be going about 3700 fps out of a 28" BRUX. With their twist they couldn't push the 90 gr much over 3200 fps and it would come apart.
Did some barrel break in rounds today, I really like how easy this 22-284 is to find a load for. This 100 yard, 3 round starter load was with RL22 @ 50grains with a 75 grain A-max clocked at 3400fps. I'll push it further till I see pressure signs, H1000 at 43grains looked good too althou I will go for more speed.

Should be less wind Friday, so far this rig is way to much fun!!:D


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Interesed to see what it takes to get it turned up more.

My 22-243 shoots the 75 grain vlds at 3450 with 46 grains of h4831sc. No signs of pressure either.
I have a 22-243 shooting the 75gr Amax @ 3615fps 5 shot group at 100 are all touching. Barrel is a shilen stainless 26" 1-8 twist. I use 46gr of RL22 and fed210gm with lapua brass.
WOW!!! now that is impressive. I remember that post from, Thanks for posting your results.

How many rounds do you figure before the barrel starts to toast? whats your shoot & clean rate?
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