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Jan 3, 2010
Amarillo, TX
All you Guys shooting 22-250 what kind of stories do you have to tell about
barrel life. What kind of bullets and velocity in relation to barrel life. Just bought one and have an intrest as to barrel life.:rolleyes:
I have 22-250 AI that is on its second barrel. Built the gun from a 22-250 788 that I was my first rifle over 30 years ago. I shot it for years and put over 4000 rounds through the original barrel. Mostly shooting 50 and 55 grain bullets at around 3700. Now I may have put over 4000 rounds through the gun I think it was well past its prime at 3000 and when I finally had it re barreled it was washed right out. I had it re-barreled and chambered in a 22-250 AI with a 1:8 twist. I shoot 75 grain bullets at 3400 now and I got 2500 rounds out of the first barrel and it was still just over a one inch gun when I changed it. I changed it because it was under a 1/2" gun when the barrel was new and that's what I wanted it to be again and now with the new barrel it is.
So as for barrel life on a new 22-250 with a standard 1:14 twist you should be able to get close to 3000 rounds if you look after it. Having said that if you take it to a prairie dog town and heat it up you can take the barrel out in one outing of under 500 rounds.
Thanks for the responce, that makes me feel pretty good. If I
don't heat it up too much, I can expect to get plenty of life out of the old
gal. Just bought a Savage Mod. 12 1 in 9 twist. I was wondering what to
expect as far as barrel life.
Thanks again.
+1 for North of 53's comments.

I got nearly 5000 rounds through my old 220 Swift before it quit giving "Minute of Prarie Dog" at 300 yds. Majority of those rounds were only flying at around 3500 to 3600 FPS though. I cleaned it every 20 to 50 rounds, and in it's prime would shoot below 1/2 MOA real regular. Now, at re-barrel time; it was shooting MOA +. That is with the rifling totally gone for the 1st inch to inch & 1/2. Heat cracking extends past that point for another 8 inches. The 22-250 should do even better assuming that barrel/steel quaility is the same.

Shoot, Shoot, and Shoot some more!!
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