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  • Hi Tom,
    I don't have the exact case capacity handy. What I did on the xr is make a long neck with a 35 degree shoulder. I also took a little bit of taper out of the case. Running a 208 AMAX @ 3157 fps while lifting the bolt with my little finger. No pressure sign what so ever. The accuracy was soooo good I never even tried to see where a higher accuracy node would be. 5 shot groups @ 400 yards are routinely less than 1". My best group @ 400 yards is .544. I built the rifle as a switch barrel in 7xr, 300xr & .338xr. I have good loads for each caliber with Vit 24N41 which has been discontinued so I will be using RL33, RL50 & Retumbo along with some N570.
    Hello :)
    I`ve been searching te web for 300 Norma Improves. How is the 300 XR compared to 300 Norma? 30-35-or 40 degree shoulder?Case capacity?Accuracy? I want to make a 35 degree Version which is not too overbore.

    Brgds Tom Erik
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