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  • hi i am looking for a gunsmith that is firmiliar with the markv v weatherby and from what i can tell you know your way around them pretty well . i have used several in the past that have either retired or nearing retirement so im seeking someone that will work with me if you could please forward me your contact info and or website and i will be in touch , thank you Brett Brown 435 790 1481
    Rich Cappy
    I use a old gun builder which bedded, muzzle break, floated, trigger and action, all with excellent workmanship he completed on 3 M-5[s=weatherby's, My daughter also had her 300WM customized from this man, and dropped her 1 Elk @ 385yds" One shot kill" I only use mine on a range, If interested send reply message" Oklahoma
    Hired Gun
    Hired Gun
    Hi Brett, I just saw your message. I don't get on here much and I almost never check for messages. Weatherby MK V rifles are one of our specialties and my most favorite factory rifle to work on or modify. I doubt you still need the help nearly 2 years later but it's not my way to not reply.
    Do you know of any gunsmiths who can remove the muzzle brake from my (brand new) 700 MLR. I could get all the tools (gas, temp gun) but only use it once. Might be comparable to have someone do it.
    Hello hired gun.
    I was reading an old post about a guy who had a stuck case and wooden dowl in his barrel. You seemed to know a lot about removing obstructions from barrels.I was wondering if you could help me remove a stuck dowl in my barrel. I was attempting to slug my barrel when it got stuck. I got the lead out but now the wood is really stuck. I work pretty close to north bend
    I have a huntin' buddy, in Banks Oregon, with a question about re barreling a BAR. Currently it's a bone stock BAR chambered in 300Win with a Boss.
    I told him I doubted it was doable, but I'd ask those "in the know"
    1- is it even possible?
    2- what is the max length, & taper he could go with? IF its even possible.

    He loves the #4 taper fluted Hart 10 twist I've got on my Win-70, but a bolt gun compared to an auto loader is apples to oranges.
    hey ...nice to see sumone by me...reedsport here....mite need sum help on my remington 700 SPS-V
    or sum advice on making it shoot good... im new..
    i have worked on many remington triggers, but i did not have any luck on the weatherby accumark please give me any advice you can
    it cant be that hard
    thank you
    david smith
    hey Hired Gun, I was just wondering if you could fill me in on the process to lighten the trigger on the 338-378, I was over at my friends and looked at his and measured the trigger on in and it is over 60 ounces! I have lightened all of my triggers but don't have a weatherby so I'm unfamiliar with the triggers. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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