Alaska or NWT for Dall

Discussion in 'Sheep Hunting' started by ChrisAtl, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. ChrisAtl

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    Aug 19, 2012
    I would like to go on a Dall sheep hunt someday soon. The price can be staggering for a nonresident but I am saving my money.
    Prices for Dall hunt in Alaska seem to be between 14,000 and 16,000. The hunts in NWT seem much more around 18,000 to 30,000.
    It seems like most of the pictures I see of Dall sheep taken in North West Territories are much larger (score higher) than of those taken in Alaska.
    What do you all think?
    Any recommendations?
  2. .284

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    Aug 14, 2009
    Never been to Alaska but I did work at a hunting camp in the nwt ( not as a guide) and it was one of the best outdoor experiences I have had. I can't comment on any differences in the quality of sheep between Alaska and the nwt but I can say that the outfit I was at was top notch in terms of the quality of the hunts and the game.

    You would have to check their site to be sure but I think average was just over 38 inches. I went along for about 8 Dalls and everyone got one. You need to do your part though and make sure you're in sheep shape. This is the most important part to success I believe. There was lots of sheep around but you may not find them up every drainage or every stock may not work out. From what I seen there as long as the hunter was in shape and willing to follow the guides up,down and around they would cut a tag. They wouldn't let the hunters take anything that was just legal that year though so as to manage their game for the future.

    I had a good time there and from what I seen so did all the hunters.

    NWT outfitters is the company.
  3. Rancher49

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    Feb 11, 2011
    I hope I can be of some help to you. I guided for Dalls in the Mackenzie Mtns. N.W.T.
    for a number of years in different areas there.
    There generally are two types of hunts there. Backpack hunts & horses hunts. The backpack hunts usually produce bigger sheep but it is a demanding hunt. You must be in shape! The horse hunts are fun and you get to see more country. These hunts do produce good rams too but the chances are better when back packing.
    For backpack hunts I would strongly recommend Arctic Red River Outfitters. As for horse hunts I would recommend Gana River Outfitters. A word worth adding is that in late season Gana River produces monster moose and is a place where they get 90% B & C
    mountain Caribou.
    Most places in Alaska have been hunted hard and getting a decent sheep is tough. In most areas the average length of curl is a lot smaller than the rams from the N.W.T.
    The Mackenzie Mountains is the last frontier for sure. No roads, no mining, guiding areas are huge some being over 800 sq miles. Hunting pressure overall is light and the rams
    have a chance to grow old there.
    I hope I have been of some help to you. Good luck.
  4. imohunting

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    Jan 9, 2013
    I have hunted NWT for sheep with Stan Stevens of Mackenzie Mtn Outfitters. Awesome experience and great country! I got a 39 1/2 inch ram on the 3rd day of the hunt. Can't say enough about Stan and Helen's operation up there. It is an expensive hunt though. Since being there, I hired a guide for elk and deer who also guides for Dan Montgomery in AK. They are killing some monster rams out of draw units in the Chugash range. The hunter he guided this season took a 171 and change! The down side is the wait on drawing a tag, as well as pretty extreme country. Be in shape! I would look into both outfits and I have also heard great things about Artic Red River and Gana River Outfitters. Best luck and have a great hunt!
  5. Rancher49

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    Feb 11, 2011
    Thanks for the nice letter. Years ago the Chgach (sp) area produce some great Tams.
    Sounds like this area is being managed right. With a draw basis there probably be
    big Rams in years to come.
    I don't go North anymore. I stay here in Alberta and hunt Bighorns. I mostly just
    go for the trip. I have taken five Bighorns with the biggest one going 183.
    The talk of the town here is that this coming year will be the last one where residents
    of Alberta can just go buy a license. It will be draw only then.
    I took a 39 1/2 inch Dall years ago on the Arctic Red. There are many Rams in that country that are dying of old age.
    Best go now.

    Wishing you all the best.

  6. Alaska_Seth

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    Apr 5, 2011
    I have done a lot of research on sheep in Alaska, the Yukon and NWT.

    If you want a white ram, and what to hunt the Alaska price point draw a tag in the Chugach or Tok Management unit, the state runs these as trophy areas.

    If you just want to hunt sheep, a lot of the hunts outside these two areas are probably 40-60% on success.

    Rams don't live past legal age in Alaska very long.

    The areas in the Yukon and NWT might not have Alaska's genetics, but they will produce bigger sheep as they are managed better.

    Every legal ram in Alaska every year has about a 50% chance of getting shot (outside of the National Parks Alaskan's can hunt in).
  7. markopolo50

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    Jan 26, 2013
    I would probably agree the Dall's are bigger in general in Canada than Alaska. I went sheep hunting last year and got a legal ram, double broomed in the Talkeetna mountains. Shot him on day 7 of a 10 day hunt. It wasn't easy but was very rewarding. Saw lots of sheep, just not many legal rams. My guide/outfitter was good but alas he has quit guiding and went to work on the north slope. BTW, over the counter license.

    I like Alaska for a variety of reasons. For one it is still the USA and no paperwork to take a gun in and I can take my handgun if I want. No exchanging money, no passport, no CITES(for certain species), etc. I still have a burr under my saddle for the Canadian government for trying to make all their residents register all their guns. What a fiasco that was and a waste of money. I feel for the residents, but not the gov't.

    OK, enough of that. I would go to Alaska again but would apply for a limited draw area.
  8. kscowboy01

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    Feb 20, 2013
    I just got back from a successful hunt in the Alaska Range. It was tough and I got lucky. PM me and I'll fill you in on more details if I was in your shoes.