Absolute most accurate load for 7mm STW?

James Kiser

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Dec 22, 2011
Augusta, Georgia
I have a custom 7mm STW 28'' kreiger barrel 1-9.5 twist and i reload for it. I normally use H1000 75.6gr, 168gr Berger VLD, CCI 250 LRM primers, c.o.a.l-3.60. It shoot pretty good with this load. I just want to know what yall think i should put through it to make it more accurate or should i just tweak what i got? Im not a speed freak so i dont care if its fast, just want accuracy.
check out the stw brotherhood thread if you want input on loads for that cal.

I personally have been using rl25 with 140's and 171's for quite a while.
The 162gr A-Max shoots tighter than the Bergers for me. Close to .5 inches at 250 yards over IMR 7828 and Federal GM215M.
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