a "Let's argue" thread

Dave King

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May 3, 2001
a "Let\'s argue" thread

I've noticed that we can argue about nearly anything...let's see what this generates. As a little side note: a fella once told me something that I believe (nearly) and it makes life a lot easier for me, he said..."We live in a world of Near Truths".

The sky is blue.

Polar bears are white.

The earth is round.

Are these true or false?

Explanations please...graphics might help.

Extra credit for correct spelling and mixed case posts. First to use profanity gets sent to the Time Out corner for one post.

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Re: a "Let\'s argue" thread

Lies all of them.
The sky only appears blue due to the light refraction.
Polar bears are black and the fur is translucent.
The earth is flat. Actually it is oblong.

Oh hell give me a time out!

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Re: a "Let\'s argue" thread


Good...now we start the argument!

If the sky "only appears blue" it must therefore be perceived (appears) as blue by our eyes, our eyes can see (interpret) color and the color I (me alone as far as I know) see when I look at the sky is blue...the sky IS blue... A smaller volume of air isn't blue but we don't call a smaller volume of air "sky".

What about when the sky appears red or at night, the sky is black at night (except for those shiny twinkling things).
Re: a "Let\'s argue" thread

The earth isn't round.. last time I looked Mnt Everest was 24,000ft above sea level (approximately) and Marianias Trench (spelling??
)was several miles below sea level. Can't be round in my book.

as for the other questions... I'm color blind and can't see sh!t
anyway. So as long as the sky isn't falling and the earth isn't blowing itself up, I beleive I'll go have another beer and not worry about it while I'm serving my timeout.

Happy 4th of July to my fellow shooters!


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Re: a "Let\'s argue" thread


So far this is pretty good.

Steve can't reply to this one, guess he needs to made a non-reply reply. Happy 4th to you too...(Can you hear me over there in that corner?).


Somehow I knew you'd have something different...right away taking the thread off-topic

The Outlaw Josie Wales:

Josie: "Seems like every time I get to liking somebody they ain't around for too long."

Lone Waddie: "I been noticing that when you get to disliking somebody they ain't around for too long either!"
Re: a "Let\'s argue" thread

You guys are missing the point. In the words of one of America's GREAT philosophers, "that depends on the meaning of the word 'is'"
Or something similar, you guys would be much more knowledgable about that stuff than us flacid Canadians.

Anyhow, wish you all a nice holiday today and don't let your meatloaf.
Re: a "Let\'s argue" thread


Yeah, I like polar bears, some day I'm going to visit Churchill.

Sorry, it's all Near Truths...(for Ian...there's an embedded "is" for you). The GREAT philosopher wants to run for President again...twice IS enough.

Speaking of Canadians...you say flacid and that may be so (no first hand experience) but I notice that I do get flatulant when up there.

Another thing... we're not as tall as we tell other folks (in many cases)... I did physicals for years and nearly everone wanted to be just a little taller that they currently were (especially those 5'11" guys). I'm 5' 7.5" (but I feel taller).
Re: a "Let\'s argue" thread

what about this? Have we really been to the moon or not
Re: a "Let\'s argue" thread

can I come back and play yet?

Josie: <spitting 'bacca juice on the dog in the corner>.... "dying ain't much of a living boy"

flacid Canadians: ain't touching that one!!!

10ft Tall and bullet proof.... the White Lightning I was sipping on today can make you that way for sure. But then stupidity kicks in shortly after, you howl at the moon, then memory loss follows. **** what did I do today?

oh sh!t I said ****...... **** I said sh!t again. OK Dave I'll go sit in the corner AGAIN.

Re: a "Let\'s argue" thread

I have heard that if you consider the diameter of the earth, and the ups and downs relative to its size, it is rounder than any ball bearing ever made on earth. I think that makes it round. ebb
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