Let's talk 6.5x284


Jun 8, 2003
Mission Hills Ca
Let\'s talk 6.5x284

My new stick currently in production, Krieger 28 in 1-81/2 twist fluted #17 contour, Blueprinted Remi 700 long action, badger lug and bolt handle, Sako extractor,Williams floor plate, Pillar bedded into a Mcmillan A5 stock 50% black, 25% grey, 25% OD green, sporting the new Loopy 8.5x25 M1 in TPS Med rings, Harris HBBRM bipod, Neil Jones trigger job set to 21/2lbs. O.K. guys here are the questions,what neck dia and throat length, 284 Win, 284 Norma, etc. Which powder, bullets, primers and brass have you guys had the most success with at 1000 yards. What kind of velocities are you getting. What dies are you using. Man I'm like a kid in a candy store with this one the waiting is killing me. Regards Froggy.
Re: Let\'s talk 6.5x284

I am using Lapua brass and would recommend it for powder I am using H 4831 SC start around 48g I am using 50.5g Fed 210 M primer Redding S die and competition setter and I use the body die to push the shoulder back .002 I am using 140g AMAX bullets and 142g SMK
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