6 deer

Charles A

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Nov 7, 2001
We've shot five deer so far this year, with matchkings. None of them long though.
Rifle was, 300win mag shooting Federal Gold Medal 190gr. at 3,000fps.

First was spike the 23rd nov. 300yds. entered bottom of right chest cavity/shoulder, exited behind left shoulder. Ran 30yds. Exit hole was the size of a softball. Next was 4 pointer the 24th at 510 a little far back,(OPERATOR **** UP) second shot 420yds in front of right shoulder, exit center of right shoulder. Size of a softball. Ran about 150yds. The next was a good one. Small buck the 25th at 35yds. Entered in front of left shoulder exited rear edge of right shoulder. Exit hole was as big as a BASKETBALL, 13inches long and about 10inches wide.

It was a beauty!!! Droped were he stood. The next was a doe on the 1st of dec. at 25yds entered behind right shoulder and exited behind left. Size of a softball. And the last, so far, a doe, today, at 70yds entered tight behind right shoulder two/thirds up her body. Exited tight and low behind left. And you guessed it, the size of a, well you know...

I have pictures of all except the first which was filmed. If anybody would put them on here I will send them to you. Boydman, where you at?

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