Why no love for the A bolt?


Jan 15, 2006
It sure seems like all you hear about in rifles is 700 this and Savage that. It seems like Browning makes good products. How come thier rifles don't seem to be very popular at all?
I obtained a ss A-BLOT 325WSM as a bonus in '06. 23" barrel great for packing, 7-6oz. loadedw/4-14. It has taken 2 bears,2 6x7 muleys, 1 7x7, 3-6x6 bulls, and 5x5 bull, out to 550 yrds, you could say I love this gun:) I think of it as more a mid range gun, it is stock,less trigger job
I'm a fan of my ABolt. It's a 270Win with BOSS. Everything I've put down it has been able to shoot under an inch at 100yards.

It fits me well, shoots great, and I love it. Deer hate it.

I love my 300 RUM well enough it's currently getting its 3rd barrel installed. It should do pretty well beyond 2000 yds if I can ever find a place to shoot that far. :D

I was just shooting my light little compact factory 7-08 with a 3-9 scope the other day, it does OK too :) :

YouTube - 7mm-08 at 700 Yards
I have 2 A-bolts. one is s/s 7mm-mag. Shoots like a laser beam. Taken lots of game with it out west and Canada.

The other is a Medallion/ boss in.280. Also shoots like a laser beam. I am almost 60 yr. old and have had many brands of rifles and I realize we all like something different, but give me an A-bolt every time.

I love em. Every Browning item I have owned over the years has been good, Especially the rifles.
I like the A-Bolt as well. Great fit and polish. I think you do not here alot about them because of the lack of after market parts.

Dont ever sell a rifle, didn't you learn that by now, have to have many to keep the gal confused:D
Had an A-Bolt in 7mm Rem Mag and never could get it to group closer than 2.5" @ 100yds. Tried Factory and Hand loads, nothing worked. Checked a neighbors 7MM Rem Mag A-Bolt and his would not shoot as good as mine. Sold mine and bought a Weatherby Vanguard in 7MM Rem Mag and with the same 160 Gr Nosler BT and H 1000, it shoots 3 & 4 shot Groups -.5" groups. Anyone would have a hard time giving me an A-Bolt, but the new X-Bolt seems to have been improved. Have shot several and the accuracy has improved tremendously. Not sold on them yet.
I like the A-Bolt as well. Great fit and polish. I think you do not here alot about them because of the lack of after market parts.


There is a reason there are very few aftermarket parts. My builder did not work on them when he had his shop open. I have a friend who has one in 284 and it shoots pretty good for a factory rifle --- in the 1 inch range at 100 yards.
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