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  • Thanks for the offer Boss.
    I'm in central Arkansas. I got out of active duty (had to, became a single parent overnight and had to move back to where I had some support) and took an active duty guard job close to my home town. I'm the Sniper Section SGT for the local Infantry Battalion. They have me pimped out as an instructor, so I spend a lot of my time either on deployment, or traveling and training infantry soldiers.
    An SN-4 would be nice and i would put it to some good use but it's not exactly high on my priority list. After sending my Leupold in for the fourth time due to mechanical failures I told them to give me my money back. They weren't too receptive to that but let me use that money towards a different scope, so I upgraded to a FFP mil/mil. I was really hoping to get a SN-3 by the next deployment, might still happen. If not the FFP MK4 is still an upgrade from what is issued.
    Hey Big Dog,

    Where have you been? I laced my last two posts with a couple of pokes at you. Gimme a call, or I'll call you.
    I'm switching over from hunting Africa back to the US...we are into Natural Horsemanship and the Boss Hoss caught my attention as I know most herds are led by the Lead Mare..that is for humor don't take it as a cut it was not. Looking for some one else to share ideas with here in Texas. We are just below Fort Worth on the Brazos.
    [email protected] I like 6.5 and 7mm If you got the time, I got the dime
    While waiting for triple bypass surgery to heal, I bought a 6.5 WSM. The guy I bought it from didn't have any reloading data. I tracked down the original owner & his advice was 60.0grs Retumbo & shoot it. I was hoping to do better than 6.5x284 ballistics. I see that your loads are more in the neighborhood that I want to be in. Naturally each rifle is an individual & I will start low & work up. Would you be willing to pass on some of your load data? I'm interested in 130 -142 gr. bullets mostly.
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