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May 24, 2014
Buena Vista, Ga
We at Whiskey 3 Precision Systems are proud to announce that we are offering Long Range Marksmanship Courses now in conjunction with the Precision projectiles and Weapons Systems we develop. The course instruction will be given by the Current World Champion shooter Darrell Buell and his crack team of world renowned shooters!

*The course information is as follows:

This course is intended as a start to long range shooting and is focused on discussing the basic fundamentals of long range shooting. The intention is geared toward the Beginner to Intermediate Long Range Marksman but will offer some great value for More Experienced Shooters as well.

The course outlines the following: Precision Reloading, Equipment, Data gathering at Known Distances shooting and will focus on range Estimation, Wind Reading, Wind Compensation, Fundamentals, Position, Pre-Match / Scouting and Other Skills useful for Known Distance Long Range Shooting. The course is taught in a manner to promote learning in a friendly environment with an emphasis on quality shooting. There is a fair amount of walking and other physical activity including potentially hot and cold temperatures as well as possible wet weather, so please be prepared. We focus on keeping the class sizes rather small to promote better learning and full understanding of the principles being taught. ** This course is open to LE, Military (at a Discounted Rate) and Civilian participants.**


Packing List:Rifle platform capable of 1 MOA or better at 100 yards and capable of 800-1000 yard shooting. **(With 100 yard Zero set PRIOR to course attendance.)**
Hearing and eye protection is required.
Scope should have mil or MOA style reticle capable of range estimation.
Bipod or portable shooting rest or sand bags.
Bring a Shooting Mat for firing in the prone position if you would like.
Pens/Pencils and paper for taking notes.
Calculator for use in the field and on the range
Kestrel (If you have one available)
Spotting scope and tripod
Rear sand sock (If possible)
250+ rounds of quality match grade ammunition, all the same load, preferably the same lot.
Wet weather gear (Check Conditions Prior to Arrival)
Compact red lens flashlight for low light shooting (Just in Case)
Sunglasses, hats, sunblock, etc. The weather can be hot or cold and the range is at 1200ft elevation.

Food, housing, transportation to and from the range, etc. is the responsibility of the student attending the course.


Legion OTG - Legion Operator Training Group consists of a 3000+ acre training facility located in Blakely, GA to support highly specialized training of Special Operations Forces, Conventional Forces, Law Enforcement, civilian organizations. **Directions to the Range from Atlanta / Hartsfield International Airport will be emailed to you as you book the course.**


April 17th – 19th (2.5 Day Course)


Price of the Course:

1. Whiskey 3 Precision Systems Precision Marksmanship Course $600 Civilian or $550 for LE/ Active Duty Military (LE/ Active Duty Military have to email a copy of their [email protected])

2. Whiskey 3 Precision Systems Precision Marksmanship Course + 2 Nights Lodging (on site at Legion OTG) $750 Civillian or $700 for LE/ Active Duty Military (LE/ Active Duty Military have to email a copy of their [email protected]



A $300 deposit is required at check out for the course and your balance is due IN FULL as you in-process into the course via check, money order, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.


Cancellations /Refunds:

If you have paid your course fees and inform us you are unable to attend, we will assume you want to be rolled over to the next course that will be offered. There is NO REFUND for the course because these are remote courses bringing these Top Instructors in the Industry to you.

**All Course Sales Are Final**



Main Instructor: Darrell Buell - U.S. Navy Veteran “8 years”, Captain of the United States Long Range Rifle Team (F-T/R) 2007-2014, Current World Champion Individual @ 1000 yards, 2 World Championship Team Gold Medals (Captain), England; 2009, Raton; 2013 Numerous Gold Medals from matches all over the World, including Ireland, South Africa, Scotland, and Canada. NRA Training certified in Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Home Firearm Safety, Metallic Cartridge Reloading, Range Safety Officer.


Classroom and Range Use:

Classroom: Friday 1200-1800,

Range Time: Saturday 0730-1800, Sunday 0730-1800


Additional Info:

Class size: 20 shooters (Max)

243 Rem – 338 Lapua Mag +

**All Course Study Material and Course Outline / Description and Directions to the Range from Atlanta / Hartsfield International Airport will be emailed to you as you book the course.**


For those of you on social media check out our Facebook and Instagram pages


Also the link to the Course Description / POI on our website:




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