precision shooting

  1. CasperTheMedic

    Changes to my shooting over time & with load development

    Let's see what you have done with respect to decreasing group size over time and with load development. I've had NO official long range training and have simply followed more experienced shooters advice as to how they develop loads, shooting positions, equipment etc. I REALLY want to take the...
  2. fnlights

    Verticle Spreading and load development help - where to go from here?

    Hi All, So I have a Bergara Premier Highlander in .300 Win Mag that I am working on some hand loads for. I am using Berger 215's, H1000, Norma Brass, CCI 250's, and Redding Type-S Bushing Dies. Gun will be primarily used for elk hunting out west. I followed Berger's starting point of 70.5...
  3. W

    Whiskey 3 Precision Systems Long Range Marksmanship Course

    We at Whiskey 3 Precision Systems are proud to announce that we are offering Long Range Marksmanship Courses now in conjunction with the Precision projectiles and Weapons Systems we develop. The course instruction will be given by the Current World Champion shooter Darrell Buell and his crack...