long range rifles

  1. Satterlee Scott

    2 Long Range Hunting Oriented matches coming up

    13-14 June in WY https://practiscore.com/nightforce-elr-steel-challenge-1/register 22-23 August in MT https://practiscore.com/hornady-precision-hunter-steel-challenge/register
  2. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Packlite Ti Rellik rifles made to order

    If your in the market for a light wieght rifle that handles like a full on tactical match rifle these Packlites are just what you need! built one at a time, to your specs. orders are only taken after I personally spend time talking with you about your needs as a hunter. then we craft the rifle...
  3. Misha

    Defiance - deviant hunter long action (new)

    Update - SOLD! For sale $1250 shipped to your FFL (I'll pay shipping and insurance) $230 off MSRP and $100+ off custom shop price This action is read to go and will ship out (with insurance and tracking info) Please message me if you have any questions. Will only ship to an FFL, only accept...
  4. Misha

    New carbon fiber stocks

    Anyone have any experience with Hardy Rifles or Southfort Labs rifle stocks? (sorry if this has been discussed somewhere) https://www.hardyrifle.co.nz/ https://www.southfortlabs.com/ Does anyone use AG composites stocks? I know Manners and Mcmillan are great, but wanted to check out these other...
  5. A

    Rem700 AWR 300 RUM, Zeiss V4 4-16X44

    I am listing and selling for a friend on this one. Like new Remington 700 AWR 300 Rum w/ Zeiss V4-4-16X44 ZMOA, Warne 1 piece steel base, burris xtr rings, timney. Also has been opened up and has wyatts extended mag box in it. Rifle has been bedded into factory grayboe stock. Timney trigger...
  6. Jeff Dill

    New Member @ NC

    Hey I am a excited new member here. I have multiple interest in firearms from pistol tactical/defense, shotguns sporting clays and hunting and rifle target and hunting and long range shooting. I am now getting ready to take my long range shooting to the reloading bench and try to learn all I can...
  7. W

    Whiskey 3 Precision Systems Long Range Marksmanship Course

    We at Whiskey 3 Precision Systems are proud to announce that we are offering Long Range Marksmanship Courses now in conjunction with the Precision projectiles and Weapons Systems we develop. The course instruction will be given by the Current World Champion shooter Darrell Buell and his crack...
  8. T

    More LR 'Chucks

    We had a group of hunters here for sagerats and spent one day on rockchucks. All but one went over 500 yards. One was taken at 899. They were rockin' some pretty nice hardware. The guns ran the gamut from a .20BR shooting 55 grain Bergers to a .300 RUM Imp launching a 210 grain VLD. Most of...