long range

  1. sheffe

    SOLD/EXPIRED Scopes-Leupold Vx6HD, VX3I and Vortex Viper LRHS FFP

    I have 3 scopes for sale or trade. I can text or email you current pictures or other specific info you might need. #1- Brand new in the wrapper - VX3i 4.5-14x40 CDS 30mm tube with side focus, wind plex reticle. $675 $650 #2- lightly used, great condition - VX6HD 3.5-18x 50 30 mm tube side...
  2. J

    310 Count 30 Caliber 185 Grain FMJ Spitzer Boat Tail

    310 count .3085 diameter 185 grain lead core FMJ Spitzer Boat Tails. Military-style bullet with cannelure. These are from a military contract overrun. Very consistent bullet weights and diameters. Random sample of 50 bullets showed a max weight of 186 gr and a min weight of 184 grains. Most were...
  3. J

    Remington 700 LR 300 RUM

    Ring those gongs with this Remington 700 Long Range outfit! Rifle is a factory Remington 700 300 Remington Ultra Mag with a 26” barrel and a very effective tank-style muzzlebrake. Upgraded Timney trigger and 20 MOA Picatinny Style rail. This complete outfit comes with 49 new Norma 300 RUM brass...
  4. N

    Sauer 100 XT in 6.5CM thoughts

    Hello LRH boys and gals, yesterday I've received a brand new Sauer 100 XT in 6.5CM which was Black Friday hard to resist deal. What a toy for an aging boy! ) The choice of 6.5CM caliber was mainly to have a "do it all rifle" which would be also forgiving when you misjudge the distance while...
  5. Overkill338

    My .300 RUM Build

    Figured I'd start a post to keep track of things. Remington 700 Long Range EGW 20 MOA 1 piece Rail Vortex Tactical Rings (6 screws) Athlon Argos 8-34x56 MIL Muzzle brake from Ebay (if I'm not happy he offered my money back) 13.1 lbs as it sits Bullets to try 220 ELD-X 225 ELD-M 180 AB 200 AB...
  6. L

    4-16x vs 6-24 Dual Purpose Rifle

    Hello, New to LRH Forum. Searched couldn't find this topic covered. Recently got a platform in 6.5 Creedmoor. I am looking to have this rifle do double duty. Both shooting out to 1000+ and use for hunting larger game between 75 and 300 yards. Looks like a thread said that 6-24 might be too...
  7. R

    SOLD/EXPIRED Millett 6-25 X 56 LRS-1 Illuminated Tactical Riflescope (35mm Tube .25 MOA, Rings)

    Excellent Condition and fully functional extreme-duty, extended-range LRS tactical riflescope, by Millett. Massively built with a one-piece 35mm tube and 56mm objective, the LRS delivers superior brightness and outstanding repeatable accuracy with the largest long-range weapons, including those...
  8. Glen McHenry

    SOLD/EXPIRED Christensen Arms ELR 6.5 PRC. ADG Brass, 156 EOL available

    Christiansen arms ELR 6.5 PRC. Rifle has 30 rounds through it. Scope is Nightforce NSX 8-32 NP-R1 reticle. Night force ultralight rings with top level. Current load is ADG brass, 59gr. N565 and 156 berger. Have not done load development just loaded in the middle ground to break the barrel in...
  9. L

    SOLD/EXPIRED Nightforce C624 NX8 4-32X50 F1 MOAR Reticle - $1,800

    Barely used, excellent condition. 30 mm tube. Very clear glass, extremely durable. Cost new is $2,100-$2,200 plus tax. Not particularly interested in trades. FFP (first focal plane). Used, like new. Buyer pays any processing fees and shipping. Venmo or Paypal preferred.
  10. M

    Sig Whiskey 5. 5-25 x 52. MIL

    Excellent condition, used for a season. Only reason I am selling is because I prefer MOA. Call or text Trever @ 406-589-2648. Open to trades of MOA scopes. I would like to get a Razor gen II or Mark 5 MOA. Will add cash on my end for scopes of that nature. $850 shipped OBO. Thanks!
  11. C

    Free Range Aoudad Hunt Leakey Texas

    Part 1 Long version...photo heavy! With bonus hogs! Wrangled an invite through my youngest daughter's husband. He is the ranch manager for several properties owned by his Boss. One of which is in Leakey Texas. My Son-In-Law (SIL) has told me about the place and that is had Aoudad. The owner...
  12. D

    Leupold VX-5 HD CDS ZL2 3-15x44 w/ Impact 29 MOA reticle

    Selling my leupy VX5 3-15x44 scope. It’s a great optic and tracks true. This is optically identical to a VX6HD without the illuminated reticle. Comes with all of the goodies. Never use the CDS system so that’s still available to the new owner. $950
  13. Jeremy338

    G7 Br2 gen 2

    Perfect condition. Selling for a friend. $900.00
  14. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED 28 Nosler Fierce Carbon Fury w/ fluted bolt

    Fierce carbon fury with fluted bolt, chambered in 28 Nosler. Fantastic rifle in perfect condition. Only three things have happened with this rifle: 1. Broke in barrel with 30 round shooting/cleaning procedure. 2. Developed two loads: one with 160 Accubond going 3320 FPS and one with 175 ELD...
  15. B

    Shepherd 3-10x40 P1A

    Like new, mount once and removed, never fired with, comes with box and all paper work and warranty card. $400 shipped. obo PayPal f&f, USPS money order. For more info look here. https://shepherdscopes.com/product/310-p1a/
  16. Inkoosikas

    Scope advice.

    Hello folks, I am looking for some advice with a scope for long range target shooting. I am starting to get into long range shooting and I am looking at getting a decent scope for it. I currently have a Leupold VX-6HD 3-18x44 with the fire dot duplex reticle. It came with the rifle I am...
  17. Jeremy338

    Trigger pull ounces or pounds

    Curious what guys are shooting long range and hunting with. I like trigger pull around 8oz some guys like 2.5lb. Why would you run heavy pull? I don’t load my rifle till I’m ready to shoot so a slip Fire is probably not a issue. I always hear the saying “ 2lb in a hunting rifle “. Why not...
  18. Jeremy338

    Daniel Defense 300$

    Daniel Defense ddm4 15” rifle length forend. These run about 400$. Looking for trades or cash. Rem 700 trigger LA bdl bottom metal 28 nosler brass 30 mm low scope rings ( pic rail only) Cash is king 300$ shipped
  19. S

    338-378 Weatherby Improved bench gun

    I bought this gun 2 years ago from my neighbor with the hopes of shooting long distance. Now both kids are into sports and I don't have the time to shoot as much as I would like so I'm selling my gun. It was built by a gentleman in Pennsylvania to shoot at the 1000 yard club in Williamsport in...
  20. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Packlite Rellik (ti) Packlite Atlas

    Shot Show presale! Ends 1/17/21 Purchase Packlite Atlas, or Packlite Rellik And get a FREE Silencerco Harvester, or $500 off your Glass, rangefinder, tripods, or Ammo! Availible as a stand alone rifle, or we can customize a turn key package for you Orders must be called in, 307-707-3181 Ask for...