long range hunting

  1. MatrixVME

    Nosler Model 48 Heritage™ Rifle 300 Win Mag

    Ready to go beautiful Nosler Model 48 Heritage™ Rifle 300 Win Mag - With Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44 ballistic turret - Nosler Hard Case - Box of ammo. Zeroed at the Range and taken once as a back up rifle on Elk hunt but not fielded. Mint condition, cherry one owner. $3,345 + Shipping and FFL...
  2. A

    308 or 30-06 long range?

    looking for opinions on a new rifle build i was thinking 308 or 30-06 i have currently a 6.5 creedmoor and a .270 but just wanted a 30 caliber gun for availability for bullets And have a bit more knock down power when hunting elk and moose at further distances, i never shot a 308 but heard it...
  3. S

    Developing a Long Range Hunting System

    Hi everyone! I’m just firing up a YouTube channel for precision rifle and hunting related topics. This is the first video I did showing the basics to starting precision load development. Hopefully there’s some useful information in here for someone. This is the first of a series of videos on...
  4. Satterlee Scott

    2 Long Range Hunting Oriented matches coming up

    13-14 June in WY https://practiscore.com/nightforce-elr-steel-challenge-1/register 22-23 August in MT https://practiscore.com/hornady-precision-hunter-steel-challenge/register
  5. IdahoHunter208

    TL3/SR3 Barrel Wanted

    I am looking for a barrel chambered and shouldered for a Bighorn TL3/SR3 action. I am leaning towards a 6.5mm or 7mm cartridge. Some calibers I prefer are 6.5 PRC, 6.5 SAUM, 7 SAUM, 7 rem mag, 28 Nosler or something in that range of performance. Would love to get a proof carbon barrel but...
  6. Braunschweiger

    6.5 SAUM - Was it a wise choice for Western hunting?

    I had a custom 6.5 SAUM built by a very well known smith in MO. Firstly, rifle is incredible... he did a great job. It's a Bighorn Arms Origin action, Proof Research 26' Sendero threaded barrel, Wyatt's 300 WSM DBM, Triggertech Special Trigger, and Stocky's Carbon Fiber Long Range v2 stock...
  7. P

    Rifle caliber pistol advice

    Looking at purchasing a BFR rifle caliber pistol and I am leaning towards the 45-70 chambering. I am looking for advice/feedback on choosing a barrel length. The two options are 7.5" or 10.5". Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Packlite Rilfe Systems, by Straight Jacket Armory LL

    P How does your rifle lend itself? Does your rifle system lend itself in any environment? We are NOT here to sell you “long range out the box” we are here to provide you with the ultimate light weight precision hunting rifle, Born from Tactical rifle competitions, and delivered to you...
  9. Misha

    Defiance - deviant hunter long action (new)

    Update - SOLD! For sale $1250 shipped to your FFL (I'll pay shipping and insurance) $230 off MSRP and $100+ off custom shop price This action is read to go and will ship out (with insurance and tracking info) Please message me if you have any questions. Will only ship to an FFL, only accept...
  10. J

    181 gr Hammer Hunters

    I had the chance of of testing out these in my 300 WM today. Shot great. Now to load more and try them out to 500 and 800 yds.These were at 100 yds trying different charges.
  11. J

    Just a Heads Up on Game Bags

    Black Ovis Game Bags on Camofire today.
  12. Jeff Dill

    New Member @ NC

    Hey I am a excited new member here. I have multiple interest in firearms from pistol tactical/defense, shotguns sporting clays and hunting and rifle target and hunting and long range shooting. I am now getting ready to take my long range shooting to the reloading bench and try to learn all I can...
  13. C

    Kahles K624i vs Zeiss V6

    I just ordered a leupold VX6HD which hasn't arrived yet but I need one more high quality scope and I will be set. I have narrowed it down between the kahles and Zeiss. Really was looking for some feed back on the Zeiss V8 but seems no one has handled one. So what's the thoughts of everyone on...
  14. C

    260 ackley improved really worth it?

    I've been kicking around the idea of a 260 ackley improved and was wondering if it's really worth the expensive dies and the time fire forming/ case prep for what you gain if that much at all? Also I will be using a short action Remington 700 bartlien #4 8 twist barrel with the wyatt extended...
  15. C

    VOTE-What scope power range?

    Just wondering what everyone's favorite power range is for hunting and long range shooting out to 600-800 yards. Chose between 3-18/ 4-24/ 5-30. We will assume all objectives between 50mm and 56mm Just curious what everyone is using. Thank you!
  16. C

    Opinions on VX6-HD 4-24

    I have seriously been thinking on purchasing VX6-HD 4-24. I would like to know how it stacks up to other high end scopes? Any feed back is greatly appreciated. I do already have the Zeiss HD 5 and a Nightforce NXS and SHV. THANK YOU, Colby Couch.
  17. W

    Whiskey 3 Precision Systems Long Range Marksmanship Course

    We at Whiskey 3 Precision Systems are proud to announce that we are offering Long Range Marksmanship Courses now in conjunction with the Precision projectiles and Weapons Systems we develop. The course instruction will be given by the Current World Champion shooter Darrell Buell and his crack...
  18. T

    More LR 'Chucks

    We had a group of hunters here for sagerats and spent one day on rockchucks. All but one went over 500 yards. One was taken at 899. They were rockin' some pretty nice hardware. The guns ran the gamut from a .20BR shooting 55 grain Bergers to a .300 RUM Imp launching a 210 grain VLD. Most of...
  19. E

    SOLD/EXPIRED Cheap NightForce Scopes

    This is Aaron from Butch's Reloading. I am happy to announce that we have the NightForce NXS-3.5-15x56mm .250MOA-MOARF2 on sale for $1299.99!!!!!!! They are normally $1605.00. Please feel free to call the shop at 1-888-960-2952 or just vist our site and place an order there. If you have any...
  20. E

    Cheap NightForce Scopes

    This is Aaron from Butch's Reloading. I am happy to announce that we have the NightForce NXS-3.5-15x56mm .250MOA-MOARF2 on sale for $1299.99!!!!!!! They are normally $1605.00. Please feel free to call the shop at 1-888-960-2952 or just vist our site at butchsreloading.com and place an order...