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Nov 26, 2007
Denver Colorado
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I've seen a couple of our members that have received (or finished) their custom rifles over the past week.

I figured that I would add to the frenzy by posting the Black Canyon Customs built Tikka that I just picked up after waiting these past couple of months. I need to say up front, that while I was like an impatient kid counting the minutes until Christmas, Fritz at Black Canyon Customs actually knocked this out much faster than expected - or promised - so I was elated when I got the text earlier this week telling me that it was ready to be picked up.

Fritz is the phenomenal builder that was the lead "in-house" gunsmith for many years at Mile High Shooting before he struck out on his own to create Black Canyon Customs a couple of years back. He built a stellar reputation with the discerning Mile High Shooting clientele, and his work is masterful. (Ok, sorry for the fan-boying and advertising, but Fritz really is "The man" out here in the west).

A little backstory...

Oddly enough, I just happened to "fall into" this custom build through a particular set of circumstances. I have always been a Tikka fan for their out of the box accuracy and actions that feel like they are on ball-bearings. I personally think they build an exceptional rifle - especially in their price range. I own several different brands of rifles, Tikka being one of my favorites.

I happen to have multiple Tikkas in various calibers, one of which I simply bought because I was sitting on so much ammo - 7 Rem Mag - and I didn't have a gun in that caliber. Yep, I'm guilty of buying a gun just because I had ammo for it.

The long and short of it was that about 12 years ago I lucked into a large quantity of factory ammo because a local retailer (Gart Brothers) was going out of business and they were blowing out everything they had in stock. I bought all they had in a couple of different calibers, including their 7 Rem Mag even though I didn't have a rifle to shoot it in at the time. Some deals are just too good to pass up.

"Well (I tell my wife), now I just have to go buy a rifle to be able to take advantage of the great deal that I got on the ammo." With the outstanding experiences that I have had with Tikka, it made it an easy purchase to get a bone-stock Stainless T3 lite in 7RM.

Life found a way of keeping me exceptionally busy (3 young boys and a hectic career), so that new-in-the-box Tikka 7RM sat unused for the past decade. Additionally, like most of us here, I have plenty of other rifles to keep me occupied so I almost forgot that I had it.

Fast forward to a year ago and my middle kid (16 years old at the time) decided that he wanted to upgrade to a "real" caliber for hunting and long range shooting. I decided that it was time to dig out that brand new/old T3 7RM for my son and he began shooting it in preparation for the coming hunting seasons.

Low and behold (no real surprise to me) that thing shot lights-out with most anything we fed it. He quickly got so good with that rifle that we ended up spending the time to work up a fantastic load for it - Berger 180 Hybrids with Norma MRP. He shoots that load consistently under .75 MOA, and can get into the .4-ish MOA range when he is focused and trying to outshoot his dad. He spent this past year behind that rifle out to 550 yards.

With my son having such a wonderful year behind that rifle, he now has pretty much "staked claim" to it and I seem to have - once again - lost another gun to one of my rambunctious boys.

"See honey, I told you we needed to buy that rifle - it'll get used... someday!"

Through these past many months I also gained a good deal of respect and, frankly, a new fondness for the 7 Remington Magnum. I still love my 300 Mags, but I've taken a considerable detour this year to delve into the .284's. I guess that it was only natural that I build one for myself as I keep losing guns to my kids faster than I can fall down a hill.

I got ahold of Fritz from BCC and we started kicking this idea around, and the rest is history...

2022 Black Canyon Customs T3 7 Rem Mag

Components list:

Action, T3 LA MagnumTikka SS, completeLA Mag stainless complete
Stock, carbon fiberMesa PrecisionAltitude, alpine camo
BarrelProof Research Carbon8.44 twist 26" CF
Bottom MetalMountain TacticalAluminum, AICS Long 3.715
Scope, long rangeNightforce SHVilluminated 4-14, 1st focal plane MOAR
Adjustable cheekpieceForcewerx razorOD green adjustable
Comp, 3 port timedArea 419 self timed3 port Hellfire, black
Base, pic railMtn Tact 20 MOAMagpul OD ceracoat
Rings30 mmVortex
BipodHarris swivel notchswivel model
TriggerStock T3 + spring kitMountain Tactical spring kit
Bolt handleAnarchy OutdoorsBent/swept T3 stainless
Bolt knobAnarchy OutdoorsAcorn w/scales, OD green
Bolt shroudAnarchy OutdoorsAluminum, OD green
Mags, AICSAccurate Mag AICS 3.715LA magnum, 3 & 5 rounds
Barrel, custom cut & chambered for 180'sShank cut & CeracoatOD green & customized, exposed CF
Pillars for cheekpieceCustom fabricated pillarsAluminum inset & epoxied in CF stock
Thread for comp5/8x24 muzzle threadA419 Hellfire comp
Bedding job, barrelfull skim coat bedding
Tune triggerinstall & tune trig springFinal tune to 2 lbs
Ceracoat - AllGeneral all ceracoatMagpul OD green
Laser engravingCustom laser engraving on barrel31, caliber designation & BCC
Fit Bottom metalGeneral gunsmithingFit for reliable feed/function/fire
General assemblyGeneral gunsmithingPrecision fit of all parts
Pillars for actionFabricate & install pillars during action bedding

I wanted to give a "shout-out" to @North Idaho Hunter for being a tremendous help with getting many of the required parts together. Great guy to deal with on a project like this.

I'll give an update when I can get it to the range for break-in and load work up.

It'll be sending the Berger 180 Hybrids out of Peterson brass with a variety of primers and powders that will be tested.

Additional photos of finished build:

Fritz (Black Canyon Customs), presenting me with the finished build
Fritz smiling.jpg

The rifle in its new home
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R angle crop.jpg
L supp w cover 2 crop.jpg

R close.jpg

31 closeup.jpg

My middle son with "his" Tikka 7RM - the one that started this whole fiasco!
Middle son.jpg

Outstanding… thank you for sharing all the build information, its always nice to see the time and thought that goes into our projects. Next time we talk sent me Fritz’s number, I’ll do my best to help him add on that next wing to his shop…. All joking aside, beautiful rifle! Congratulations brother…

Outstanding… thank you for sharing all the build information, its always nice to see the time and thought that goes into our projects. Next time we talk sent me Fritz’s number, I’ll do my best to help him add on that next wing to his shop…. All joking aside, beautiful rifle! Congratulations brother…

I'd gladly get Fritz' info to you. He'd actually be a good reason for you to come to Denver, and then you get to visit with me during the trip. Win-win, bro!
I guess I am missing something, what is the purpose of the 31?

Awesome looking build and I agree with you on the Tikka slick as snot actions.
That’s pretty sweet! I’m a die hard carbon fiber guy having been an ex race car driver and super bike racer. It’s the material of the 22nd century for sure once they make it affordable. That bangstick just needs a set of our bipod spikes to really put the icing on the cake!
Oddly enough, I came out of the superbike world as well. Never anything official or sanctioned, just considered myself a junior “Ricky Racer.”Tons of time in the saddle on multiple carbon super bikes.

Then, I had three boys…. They all wanted to be racers as well so we spent the last decade in the Motocross world so that they can get their powered flight experience. 😜